Getting ready

Last night was our first real meeting discussing the impending "Tomahawk Scout Camp out".

This is where Jonathan is going to be spending a week this summer for his first true extended period of time away from home. His first week long "summer camp". It will be "transitionary" (if that is a word) for him because it is recommended that all first year Boy Scouts have a parent attend for at least a portion of the week.

So far I have been unable to attend any of Jonathan's weekend trips to Camp Phillippo, nor will I be able to attend this year's Ripley Rendezvous.

My work schedule just happens to fall in place that I am able to attend Tomahawk with Jonathan for 4 of the 7 days (which I was looking forward to, that was until the Troop Leader said something about putting the new parent chaperons with older scouts, so that the older scouts can show the new parents "the ropes". - Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of having the new scouts bring along a parent???). Well, being the rule follower that I am, I will do as I am told.

My only concern with the "half week" proposition is that I will have to drive myself to and from the camp so that I can get home to return to work half way through the week of camping.

For those of you who know what I drive, please, keep me in your thoughts and prayers, as this could be a "wonder of wonders" and a "miracle of miracles"...

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  1. Dave,

    I don't know how much you value living past your next birthday, but you are really putting your life in the hands of a great unknown!

    God Speed my friend!

    You should really do a post focusing on the absoulte decay of your vehicle, so others who have not had the pleasure of seeing, or riding in your fine automobile can really sink thier teeth into what you are talking about! :)


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