How good do you "think" you know me?

This summer is my 20 year high school reunion.

Back in 1987, I graduated from the Academy of Holy Angels (or AHA for short). Today I received all the paperwork for this year's reunion event(s).

I graduated in a relatively small group of people (about 120), and knew everyone pretty well. I always have looked forward to my reunion(s), and this one is no different. I have stayed in contact with about 6 of my old classmates over the years. (I have even talked about one of them here on the blog before as inspiration for starting my "Father of Five" blog.)

One of the forms is called "What's Your Scoop?". They are putting together information on what I (and my classmates) have been up to since June 1987. It has all the basic questions.. Spouse, Kids, Job, etc, etc, etc... But at the very bottom of the page they are trying to put together a little reunion fun with the following question...

Stump your classmates! For a little fun at the reunion, we'll try to guess who answered what to the following question. (Be creative and truthful!)

"Since AHA, I've ___________________________________________________."

I have already started my answer. I will share the "final answer" that I give later... In the mean time, I'd like to see how those who "think" they know me best feel I would answer this question. Post your answers as a comment! Remember, be as "creative and truthful" as you think I am being!!


  1. Dave,

    This sounds like High School homework! It is still haunting you 20 years later!

    Good luck and I can't wait to see your answer!


  2. If you're like me you could include grown and aged on your list.

    I imagine you could add some things that no one else could. How many people had to explain that deer in the back yard eating your shrubs is NOT an emergency?
    Also few could say with as much honesty that they have kept in touch.
    un beso

  3. I said "grown and aged" among other things. I'm guessing you could throw that on yours, too.
    But how many people have had to explain that deer eating shrubs is NOT an emergency?
    un beso

  4. Ahhh.. Lisa, you have brought up a couple of good points! While it is true that I have "Grown and Aged" (in girth as well as height and age!) and I have had the pleasure of telling people that "deer eating your back yard shrubs is NOT an emergency", these points were not in my answer.

    Being able to say that I have kept in touch is also a good point. (and, one I value above most, and am quite proud of!) But, alas, that too is not specifically addressed in my answer. My answer is a bit more... well... a bit more... vague, in an involved and specific sort of way.

    I am going to refrain from actually posting my answer until AFTER our reunion. Let's just say it's a fun answer in a laughable, discouraging, and ambiguous sort of way. Let's see if YOU will be able to spot my answer from amongst all the drivel! (Without any hints - Assuming you will be present...)

    Oh, and by the way - If, by saying "un beso", you are asking me if I would like some "Boarder Friez" with my "Supreme Burrito", then I would have to say yes! If, on the other hand, you are meaning the Spanish phrase, then I would say "el infierno sí, Tendré dos"

    Thanks for cheering me up on a real downer of a day! You always have had that knack!


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