A Fire in the Neighborhood

To all my "Dial up" readers, please accept my apologies for how long this post will take to load.  It is a photo essay of the fire that destroyed a home in our neighborhood yesterday.

First and foremost - my condolences go out to the family that lost their home, and may or may not have lost their dog.  (The dog was pulled from the house by firefighters, and rescue attempts were made to revive the dog.  My understanding is that they got the dog breathing again, and rushed it off to an emergency veterinarian.)

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I have been working two back to back extra long extended shifts, and was on a break when I called home to talk to the "Mother of Five".  While I was talking to her, I could suddenly hear the kids making a ruckus...  Then, there was a "pregnant pause"

(No, I am NOT going to be the Father of Six, so don't ask... It's just a saying (wink)).

As the "pregnant pause" tapered off, I heard my wife gasp, and in a escalated emotional voice she all but shouted into the phone that one of our neighbor's house was on fire.  I tried to get her to explain to me which house it was, but as the conversation continued, the more excited she became...  as she described the scene to me over the phone, a couple of phrases from my "dispatcher vocabulary" popped into my head...

"Fully Involved" and "Surround and Drown"

As a fire dispatcher, those two words mean one thing...  They mean, strap in because the ride is going to get a little more intense...  

Being true to my blogging nature - and since I was not there, I asked my wife to grab the camera, and get some pictures (assuming she would have done so from the deck of our house - where she was standing while we were on the phone).  The very first picture was taken from our deck.

She then crossed between the two houses and got in close for some really great action shots!  And she took many more than I thought she would have... Her photos turned out AMAZING, and I have heard many complements after posting them on facebook.  We even got one comment that said they were better than our local newspaper's coverage...  I'll let you be the judge...  (Although they did get a couple of interesting "side" or "action" shots!)



AMAZING job done by the Jordan Police and Jordan Fire Department.  Truly local heroes who put their lives on the line to both serve and protect our community.  My kudos go out to all of them.

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  1. I am glad that no people were harmed and that the family still has each other. I hope the dog is okay. Please pass my condolences on to the family as they have lost everything except each other. Material things are material, but they are memories and pictures and keepsakes.

  2. Dave,
    Can I have my rocket kit back? I know your children were using it to test their builds, but I need it back for this weekend's events. Thanks.

  3. I feel for the family who lost their home...

  4. It looks like the fire "rode the rafters" in the attic.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the homeowners.

    Great pictures, you might want to see if JFD would like copies.


  5. My heart goes out to the family that lost their home. Looking at the flames, I am impressed that th firefighters kept it from spreading to other houses. Bless them! Bless the family!

  6. MOF does have potential as a freelance photog.


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