The Deed is Done.

Eleven months of dealing with #1 of 5, and his "transportationally challenged" lifestyle, and another 3-4 days dealing with buying a car, shopping for insurance (and the arguing and gnashing of teeth that went along with that), getting the title transferred, updating the tabs, and finally settling with and purchasing auto insurance - This afternoon, #1 of 5 got into HIS car, purchased with HIS money, titled in HIS name, with HIS insurance, and pulled away with a bigger smile on his face than I have seen in a long time...

He was genuinely proud of what he accomplished "on his own" (ahem... cough-cough).

I sincerly hope he has learned his lesson, has turned over the new leaf that he says he has, and will "do the right thing"...

So, if any of you that are reading this are police officers (I know some of you are....), and you recognize this car with this kid in it... Make sure he is behaving... I told him you were looking out for him!!

Good luck kiddo... I hope this works out for the best!


  1. No squeal marks. He's off to a good start.

  2. Just tell me if he takes any roadtrips through Chicago (so we can stay off the roads).
    Good luck to him.


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