I Am Back!

Back from the land of darkness and despair.  Did it help to vent?  Maybe... Maybe not...  The situation did not change (nor will it ever, I fear) - but with a little time, some venting, and talking it over with my children in a calm manner - I think I have made it though the worst of the storm.

Yesterday, my very good friend, and fellow Blogger Lisa from Many Things Do Not Fly and her husband hosted a little get together at their house.

A mutual friend from High School (someone I have gotten back in touch with through facebook) is in town from San Diego, so Lisa put the word out on facebook to many of our high school friends to help celebrate, and enjoy the evening.

For the past "I do not even remember how many" years, I have found that getting together with groups of people have caused me a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety, but for the first time in "I do not even remember how many" years, I was able to attend a social gathering WITHOUT (or SIGNIFICANTLY less) feelings of stress and anxiety.

I had such a good time that (because I forgot my watch at home this day) I completely lost track of time, and was at the party two hours longer that I intended... Usually I am watching the clock like a hawk - waiting for the first possible opportunity to be able to (politely) leave.

It did not help that Lisa had a clock on her wall that (seemingly) was perpetually stuck at six o'clock - or perhaps set two hours slow... Lisa??  The analog clock in the kitchen... hanging up - on your left as you face the back door...  What's up with that...  Did you do that to trick me??

I truly had a good time!  It was a refreshing change of pace for me (both the reduced anxiety, and the break in my daily routine to meet up with some old friends) - and may be part of what is having me feel better today!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. That's why I kept a journal all my growing up years -- once I vented I could see my way through to peace.

    How fun that you were able to see some old friends AND enjoy the evening. Was it that you knew most everybody that you felt more comfortable?

  2. I thought long and hard about that... In this case I can narrow it down to a few different ideas..

    1. I was there before anyone else. I got a chance to visit with my friend Lisa and her husband before anyone else showed up... That put me more at ease...

    2. Like you said - many of the people there I know or knew.. But in many cases it was 20 years since I saw them last... and my 20 year reunion was a VERY difficult time for me..

    3. I had two beers before anyone else showed up.. just enough to take the edge off...

    4. I knew I was on a limited time line..

    5. I have been trying to work on this whole anxiety thing a little bit... maybe it's working!

  3. Dave, you were charming & cool as a cucumber and I didn't sense any unease whatsoever ~ so whatever you did worked and it was really nice to see you last night!!

  4. It's always 6 o'clock somewhere! So glad you had a good time.


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