The Internet is full of mom-bloggers...

My introduction to blogging was through mom blogs..  The Internet is FULL of them!   They Most are really good, and while I enjoy reading opinions and viewpoints from "the other side of the track", I do enjoy finding other Dad's out there (especially ones with similar views on being a Dad, and the world in general). 

There are a couple of groups for dad blogs like Discovering Dad, and Dad-Blogs - check 'em out if you have a chance!

A while back, I stumbled across a blog titled OMG I'm a Daddy.  I was immediately intrigued... Another dad blogger (which almost always makes for a good read)!  I wonderd what this one is all about. 

OMG I'm a Daddy (at the time) was chronicling the life of Eric and his newlywed wife, who conceived a "honeymoon baby"...  Being "old hat" at this fatherhood game, I was immediately hooked (on my first visit) keeping up with the excitement and anticipation for their first child.  I followed Eric and his wife through their pregnancy, the birth of their son, and now as they progresses through the first year...  It really sort of helped "bring me back" to the early years of being a father, and (for us old timers) that's a GOOD thing!  Sometimes it's refreshing to be reminded about what that first year was really like!

Recently, Eric announced some good news!  Eric was accepted as the "New Dads Examiner" (a columnist) over at the Atlanta version of

So in honor of his first father's day, and as a way to thank him for "bringing me back to where it all started", I want to give a little "shout out" of congratulations to Eric of OMG I'm a Daddy, and now

If you have not, go check Eric's blog and column out...  It will be an enjoyable visit!

Not wanting to neglect some of the other great dad's out there, be sure to check out my Blogroll, and my links to some great Minnesota Dad Blogs!


  1. Dude!
    Whoa - thanks! It is always nice to know people are reading your blog, but sometimes you just never know...

    I really appreciate the kind words. So, thank you.

    I enjoy reading your blog b/c as a FoF you have some mad parenting skillz.

    So, again, thank you and here's to you, FoF- Have a great Father's Day weekend!


  2. Dad bloggers rock. Usually insightful and funny simultaneously, they are some of my favorite reads.


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