Baseball Day!

Today was our home town's "Baseball Day".

Baseball day is a day our town celebrates... Baseball... Baseball in Jordan!

During Baseball Day (actually two days - Saturday and Sunday) all the Jordan Teams get to play, and enjoy the jewel of Baseball in Jordan...  First to play (tonight) was the 7th-8th grade teams - which #2 of 5 is a member of.

Since Jordan has one of the more famous "Town Ball" fields in Minnesota... During Baseball Day, ALL the Jordan teams get to play in the Jordan "Town Ball" field - Affectionately known as the "Mini-Met".  It was named the "Mini-Met" - after the "Metropolitan Stadium" or "Met" - which was the "full sized" home to the Minnesota Twins for many years.  

For those of you intrested in finding out more about the Mini-Met, click through the following links..  LINK #1 is a 18 photo slide show that has a lot of specific details, and some GREAT photos of the Mini-Met.  LINK #2 is to the city's Park and Recreation page for the Mini-Met.

For these kids, playing a game at the Mini-Met is the equivalent to playing in the Major League!

We have two 7th-8th grade teams, and they played against each-other.  Jordan One vs. Jordan Two.  Tonight's score...  5 to 3 in favor of Jordan Two!  (That's #2 of 5's team!WAY TO GO GUYS!!! It was a great game! 

Instead of telling you all about it, let me share some photos!  (Made smaller for "real-estate" purposes... Click them for larger versions!)



The view of the field from the bleachers!












Yup, that's our Church's steeple off in the background

(closer view of the steeple)













Here is a view of the empty bleachers

(before folks started arriving)








Warming up.









#2 of 5 - Leading off.










#2 of 5 - Right fielding...









  1. DUDE!

    You have been holding back on me.

    I thought I wanted to come up some time and go ice fishing. But the Mini-Met is an absolute jewel of a baseball field. I wanna come to a game.

    Especially on all you can eat BBQ sammich night!

    I fell in love with A and AA baseball years ago and I have never gone back to the major leagues.

  2. How cool that the kids get to play on that field. They must love it! I'm glad you all had a great time.

  3. That looks like so much fun. I haven't been to a baseball game in a long time, but that was always a part of my summer growing up.


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