Sk8er Boy

Yes, it's true... #2 of 5 is well on his way to becoming a full fledged teenager...

The first step in raising a teenager is admitting you HAVE a teenager..

Sk8er boy... 'er I mean #2 of 5 went out today and spent copious amounts of his own money to buy a Skateboard. Not just ANY skateboard mind you... This aint no run of the mill, Target, Wallmart, or Fleetfarm $25.00 skateboard either..

No, this teenaged sk8er boy took his hard earned, and even harder saved cash to a real Skateboard store today - thus moving from the dorky neighborhood kid with a generic skateboard, into the way kewl teenager, more affectionately know as "Sk8er Boy"...

sk8erboy1 sk8erboy2

sk8erboy3 sk8erboy4

Now that I have admitted I have a teenager, I have started the "12 step" program for parents of teenagers... I think the next step is something like admitting you are powerless against the grip of the skateboard"... or something like that...

FOF to the group - "Hello, my name is the Father of Five, and I own a teenager"

Group to FOF - "Hello Father of Five"


  1. If you think you "own" a teenager, you still have a bit to learn! ; D

    Teenagers can be totally awesome. Enjoy!

  2. You have to believe in a 'higher power' and trust them to help you survive this experience.

  3. You've survived one teen. Just keep thinking that. And then write more on how you're surviving this one because I've got my first one going on, with a second coming in next year. I'll need all the advice I can get.

  4. Barbara beat me to the punch.

  5. Frankly, I'm shocked that "sk8er Boy" wasn't already taken in this day and age.
    And also, is this fad EVER going to go away? Weren't people doing this when WE were kids?
    I blame the Olympics. I do.

  6. When are we going to see some X-games actions shots of FOF on the board?


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