I would expect this from Rabbits!

"I would expect this from Rabbits!" or "Advanced Lessons in Math; Courtesy the Father of Five"

Rabbits are known for their knack to multiply.  You know, like how one rabbit, and another rabbit can quickly become three (or more)?  Somehow, something similar happened in our house last week that has me wondering if we may have rabbits running around our home.

Nope.... Blog title still staying "The Life of a Father of FIVE"  - So "that's" not it..

If you have followed Father of Five for the past couple of months, you would know that our "two cat household" quickly became a "one cat household" when the events surrounding Garfield the Cat's untimely passing took place. 

2 - 1 = 1

After the loss of Garfield, we were often asked if we were planning on getting another cat.  The day after Garfield was killed, we decided to  hold off on any decision for a while...  We wanted to let #2 of 5 "heal" a bit, and then see how he felt about a "replacement" cat.  From the first talk of a replacement cat (and prior to a decision being made), #2 of 5 made it perfectly clear that even if we did get another cat, he did not want to EVER name another cat Garfield.  He wanted to keep that name special in his mind for the Garfield that we just lost.  That seemed like a request we could honor.

So, the decision was made.  We would get another kitty.  Arrangements were made with the family that we had gotten Garfield and Mimi from and it just so happened that Garfield and Mimi's mother recently had another litter, and the kittens were "ready" for a new home.

The Mother of Five and the kids all visited the farm to take a peek at the kittens, and later that night I heard all about it.  There were several cats that looked just like Garfield, and one very adorable little white kitten.  The white kitten was "spoken for" - and that was alright, because #2 of 5 was more interested in another orange cat. 

The night before we were to pick up our new kitten, #3 of 5 was invited to spend the night on the farm.  (Their son and our son are in a group of close friends, and were having a "end of the school year" sleep-over).  When I dropped #3 of 5 off, and spoke to the mother there, she told me to be sure to tell the Mother of Five and #2 of 5 that the person who spoke for the little white kitten had changed her mind, and that (if we were interested) we could have the white kitten instead.

I passed this info off to the Mother of Five - and we talked to #2 of 5 about the white cat being available, but he was still wanting another orange cat. 

As we drove to pick up #3 of 5 and the new kitten from the farm, I turned to the Mother of Five and said... "One...  One cat".  She looked at me confused, and asked why I even said that.  "I'm just sayin'... That's all...  One cat..."   She replied with an acknowledgment that we were coming home with one... orange... cat...

I'm willing to bet that most of my readers are bright enough to see where this is going...

We met #3 of 5's friend's mother who took our whole clan out to the barn that the cats were in where we were met by a gaggle of kittens.  We started looking at the three orange kitties... One was a spot on exact match for Garfield.  Surprising (or, maybe not so surprising) this kitten was not the one that #2 of 5 was most interested in.  We tracked down to one that he WAS interested in... That cat is slightly more orange, with shorter fur than Garfield had.

This is about the time that #3 of 5 came around the corner with the white kitten.  She was curled up in his arms, and before one word was spoken by ANYONE, I knew that...

(2-1) + (1+1) = one more cat than I envisioned, or that we started out with...

Then came the puppy dog eyes, and "look at how adorable she is", and the "what's one more cat", and the...  Well, I could go on and on, but I am certain by now you get the picture...  So, (with my head bowed down in defeat) we left the farm with our own kid, the (planned) new kitten, and one additional "oops" or unplanned kitten...


The next  step was naming them.  Since Garfield was (theoretically) #2 of 5's cat, we let him name one.  He had a name already picked out, so that was done before it eve started. 

Then, we needed to come up with a name (other than "oops") for the unplanned white kitten....  It seemed everyone had their own idea on what to name the extra kitty...    After #2 of 5 chose a name for the orange kitten, we noticed that we had a "theme" going.  So trying to keep within the parameters of the "theme" we found choosing the name for the third kitty was a bit harder (wanting to keep the theme going).




In addition to Mimi...














We now have Moe...













And Miley...


The "multiplication" is usually accomplished by the.... um... shall we say "traditional method" with rabbits. 

Since these critters are NOT rabbits, I'm not even sure how this happened...

(rolling my eyes)


  1. Good luck to you AND Mimi!

  2. A. I think Oops was a great name.
    B. White cats with blue eyes are great (I have one with a great temperament.

  3. Addorable!

    I just want to know, who does the cat box(es)?

    We have 2 cats - one a "family cat" (that we rightfully stole) and one my son J's cat. My youngest son,B, claims to not like cats. Guess who does the cat boxes the least? The one who has his own cat. B and I tend to share the duty. Is that one reason why B says he doesn't like cats? Of course, evidence is that B doesn't really dislike cats much.

  4. Funny how these things happen, isn't it? My home would be full of kittens if the kids had their way. I wish them all long, happy and love-filled lives.


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