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IMG_1311 Yup.  Our little school (St. John the Baptist)is a K-6, and #3 of 5's last day of 6th grade is today, so in preparation for this event, last night was the school's Graduation Mass.  It's a way  the school celebrates the culmination of the 6+ years these group of kids who grew up together. 

After mass (or sort of at the end of mass) the staff from the school put on a slide show (which are really not slide shows anymore...  They are laptops hooked to computer projectors) - but it was a slide show of photos from "Littlest Angels", "Wee Angels", and K-6 (Littlest and Wee Angels are the two years of pre-school). 

There were many "Awwwwww's" and giggles heard while the photos of the kids were at their youngest, and about half way through the show, I turned to the Mother of Five and commented how it appeared they were growing up in front of our eyes (via the slide show).

When it was over, there was a bit of a tear in her eyes, as she turned to me and said how fast they were all growing up (and NOT just in the slide show)...

Bitter sweet.

It's so fun to see how these kids have grown into who they are from where they came from.  Again... It's been (for the most part) the same group of fourteen kids together since they were three or four years old...  Today (the last day of school) will be the last time that this group (of 14) are together as the cohesive group that they are.  Next year the group of 14 will meld into the group of 125+ that make up the 7th grade of Jordan Middle School.

IMG_1293After mass, the school (aided by this year's 5th grade students and parents) hosted a farewell gathering in Lewis Hall (the Lunchroom) - where the walls, tables, windows - heck anything that they could - was decorated with artwork, poetry, stories, homework, photos, etc from throughout this groups years at St. John's...  It was a fun frolic through memory lane!

I have said it before, and I'll say it again... The staff at St. John's are among THE BEST!  They are the heart and soul of the school and all that make it such a wonderful place.  It all starts with the venue, but that in itself is not enough.  They are the fuel that keeps the fires burning! 

I have never met a more caring, nurturing, and involved group of teachers.  Teachers who truly CARE about our kids, their education, their welfare and well being, and their spiritual growth..

If you have stumbled across this post because you were doing an internet search of St. John the Baptist school, and want to know more - PLEASE use the contact me link on the sidebar.  I'd be more than happy to talk to you about any questions you may have...  But be prepared....  as of now, I have put two kids through St. John's (Littlest, Wee, K-6) and still have two more in...  and I have NOTHING but good things to say about this school...  (Well, the only think I would change is adding a 7th and 8th grade!)

#3 of 5, I am so proud of you!  It's on to Junior High School, and the much bigger world of Jordan Middle School for you...

And on that note.... Stay tuned for more on a very related subject.....


  1. Congratulations! to 3 of 5 and family!

    I hope these kids stay in touch and stay friends all their lives.

  2. That sure sounds like a wonderful night and a great little school. Your wife is right that are growing so fast and right in front of our eyes. I never notice until I look back.


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