Where have I been?

Just a couple of quick notes here...

#1 - Since putting all the work into the Porta-Potty Series I needed a little break... I spent a lot of time and effort getting those posts finished, and frankly I was a little burned out... I do not want the blog to be a "chore", so when I am feeling a little burned out, I just take a break.. Just to ease your minds though... I wont ever take THIS LONG of a break...

#2 - I had a great time lunching with Lisa (from Many Things Do Not Fly) and Don (from the defunct www.offthedeepend.org) (still hoping he gets that up and running again sometime soon... Don?). We tried (what appeared to be) a trendy little place in St. Paul called Mango Thai... Lisa had been there just the week before (scoping it out I think....) and wrote a review on her experience.

Having eaten there myself, I can say Wow! It was some of the freshest tasting Cashew Chicken I have EVER had.... I'd go back again without giving it a second thought!

#3 - Birthdays, birthdays! Last week we celebrated #4 of 5's eight birthday, and then four days later we celebrated #2 of 5's thirteenth birthday... Yup... thirteenth... Yikes I feel old...

#4 of 5 asked for Taco Salad night on her birthday (we let the kids choose what ever they want for dinner on their birthdays) and she enjoyed some time on a new set of roller blades, while #2 of 5 had a hard time deciding between Hong Kong Buffet or the Old Country Buffet... (OCB won out in the end -and not by my choice.)

The rest of the evening was spent emptying my checkbook having loads of fun at a place called Triple Play Sports. We went with the family package (which is priced for a family of four, not seven... The other three are "add on's") - but in the end - we had a lot of fun... We even got #1 of 5 involved (a feat in of itself) with a little two-on-two basketball in the open gym... There was 18 holes of mini-golf, basketball, bouncers for the girls, an arcade, batting-cages, and even pizza and a pitcher of soda!

#4 - A warning... My assignment for the upcoming Republican National Convention is quickly approaching. Today was my first day in a LONG stretch that allow me only two days off out of the next 25 days. I have an EXTRA 64 hours scheduled between today and the end of this assignment... Thats "extra" folks... as in 64 more hours over and above the regularly scheduled 80... I make not promises about blogging updates, or my psyche during this time period...

In fact... Let me preempt the next two weeks with an early apology for any bitterness, resentment, ugliness, or crabbiness that may find it's way here... I'll do my best to "not say anything if I can't say something nice"....

#5 - If the emails I have been getting are correct, my new toy er... TOOL should be here TOMORROW! Just in time to have no time to have any fun with it... (Although you can bet I'll "squeeze" a practice run or two in....) Also, on a side note.. I bought this thing just in time... It has gone up forty dollars since I bought it, which pushed it up and out of my price range....


  1. ...as long as McCain doesn't pick Lieberman...I think I'll be OK with voting for him.

    Cuz, the Dem's candidate scares the crap outta me.

  2. Sorry, both parties scare the crap out of me! But good luck and try not to just come apart at the seams. We're all rootin' for ya,and not just for the selfish reason that we wish you to continue blogging when this is all over.


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