In Honor of our 15th Anniversary

In honor of our 15th Wedding Anniversary (which was on Wed.) I am going to write up a little post on a topic I have always wanted to write about...

How I met my wife...

It's not all that exciting really...

After high school, I attended Normandale Community College. As part of the graduation requirements for my degree, I needed to take a few Physical Education courses... Not being a big "sports fan", I tend to find interest in the less "physical" aspects of Physical Education.

The first course I took? (Remember folks... This is a COLLEGE LEVEL COURSE)

EXSC1153 - In which I got a 4.0 - "A" (link)

The second course I took? (Remember folks... This is also a COLLEGE LEVEL COURSE)

EXSC1103 - To which I got a 4.0 - "A" (link)

(Yup, a couple of GPA boosters there.... huh?)

Anyway, it was in the EXSC1103 classroom that I first noticed a very pretty gal in class. When we moved from the "classroom" setting to the "bowling alley" setting, I eagerly awaited for the chance that our teams were to play each other. The time came that we did actually play each other's teams, and I started getting too nervous to say anything to her. Thankfully, at one point during the game, she sat down next to me at the scoring table (this was before electronic scoreboards), turned to me and said... "I like your class ring."

Yup folks... SHE noticed MY class ring! SHE broke the ice (thank goodness, because I was a bit to nervous, and was not sure how or if I would)

(The "Class ring" link above takes you to a story about my class ring... Just think.. Had that not turned out the way it did, MOF may have never said anything to me, and my life could have ended up as swinging single millionaire bachelor sipping drinks on the beaches of Maui, or living a life of solitude in the northern Alaska interior!)

Now, you may be asking why in the world would she notice my class ring... Well, she noticed my class ring, because she had one FROM THE SAME SCHOOL!

Yup, folks... My freshman year was her senior year. Our school is not a HUGE school by any means (about 100 in graduating class), and I knew most of the other students in a grade above, and a grade below me... But I had never (that I can remember) actually met my future wife while we went to school together (at least for the 1 year that we were there).

So, from the "I like your class ring" comment, we instantly had some thing in common, and hit it off. We made an immediate connection! I spent the rest of that class talking with her.

Over the next several weeks (EXSC1103 was a "once a week" class) I tried to spend as much time as I could with my new "friend" - but since our teams always played against a new team each week, our contact was limited. The chances we did have, I felt like we hit it off pretty well.

Somewhere along the line while visiting, she mentioned having a son. YIKES!! A single mom?!?! That changes things... So, in my mind, this new friend would be my new friend... and nothing more. Heck... I was only 19 years old... In no way ready for that.

So, the story continued... I did enjoy spending time with her, so I continued to do so... as friends. And the more time I spent with her, the less "shocked" I was, and the more my interest grew.

It was not long before I found myself hanging around with her while NOT in bowling class... In some of the student lounges, or down in the cafeteria.

Somewhere along the line, after discussing this with a couple of friends - I was convinced to not worry about it... After all - I wasn't going to marry her... What would be wrong with a few dates??

Our first real "outside of school" date was in March (I think....) of 1990. We were married in August of 1993, 3 1/2 years later. Now, five kids (well, actually four since one was already "present"), two houses, and way too many diapers to count, we just celebrated our 15th year of being married, and 18 1/2 years of sharing our lives together.

I wouldn't think about changing a thing! The Mother of Five has been a perfect partner in my life. We work very well together, and I truly love her each day more than the day before.


Ok fellow Dad-bloggers... How did you meet your other better halves?


  1. Congratulations on 15 years of weddded bliss. I enjoyed your stories - both how you met your wife and about your ring.

    Wishing you continued happiness!

  2. I love people's "how we met" stories. I have never believed in coincidences.

  3. Again, congrats on 15. I was saving my "how I met my wife story" for a couple of weeks from now. Our anniversary is in be patient ;-)


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