What's New FOF?

For about a year now, I have had a faint interest in a new activity, but because I could not justify the "start up costs", I have put it on the back burner...

I have been reading up, joining some forums, and checking out the options....

Recently (with all the overtime I have worked, an "extra check" (3 checks in one month) and an overwhelming wave of overtime just on the horizion), this Father of Five did something that he does not normally do..

He bought himself a "toy".

Well, it's more than just a toy - it's a way to spend some time with the kids (more than just sitting around watching movies), and a means to try and get a little (well needed) exercise... (or at least that is how I justify it....(Blush))
Ok, so get to it already you rambling oaf..... What could it be???
Well, to help explain it, I have changed the "trifecta" just a bit...

I replaced the never used "Unattainable Dreams" blog with THIS ONE!


  1. Sweet! I don't have one my self but have gone with some friends. Nice. I need to convence my wife to let me buy one.

  2. So how's it working out? Having too much fun to update your blog, are you? :)

  3. Naw... I'm still waiting patiently... Scheduled to arrive on Monday..

    I only wish that Geocaching was what was keeping me from the blog...


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