Let the Protests Begin

Well, I am here...

For someone who usually rambles on with nothing substantiative to say, you may have observed that I have been noticeably absent here on FOF.

My "oh-so-busy" schedule has prevented me from a.) Physically being able to post and b.) Mentally being able compose a post, although I am grateful for the distraction of reading other's blogs... Since I could not post, your blogs have helped to keep me grounded and not get TOTALLY consumed by my impending assignment - So, thank you for helpin' a fella out that way... You know who you all are!
But FOF, I see that your GeoCaching page has been updated. How could you possibly have time to GeoCache if you are as "oh-so-busy" as you proclaim?
Good question. Let me explain. You see due to my recent assignment at work, I have had to attend more meetings and "brain storming sessions" that you can possibly imagine. Many of these sessions run after hours, in fact sometimes they do not start for several hours after I get off duty. Rather than drive home and then drive back again (60 minutes / 2 gallons of gas for both trips) - I needed to find something to keep me busy. It was either "Asian Buffet" or GeoCaching. For both my health and my wallet's sake, I chose GeoCaching. I located a couple of caches that were close to work - and I tried my hand at these.

The last couple of post here have dealt with GeoCaching. Since I have a separate blog set up to cover that topic - I will start to keep that activity to it's own blog. That way - if you are interested, you can click the link and check it out - and if you are not interested - you do not have to be bothered with it.


As I sit in front of my computer, I am spending my last few leisure hours at home.
I begin my RNC assignment on Friday morning at 10am. Given my commute time, and travel time (oh, did I mention that the venue of my assignment has been moved 30 miles (45 minutes through traffic) further away?) Between the extra drive time and the remote parking and bus shuttle to where the dispatch center is - I have added another 90 minutes (each way) or 3 hours total to my day.
Eight straight 16(+) hours work days.
The eight shifts fall in the middle of a stretch of 27 days where I will have a grand total of two days off... Yup, two days out of 27.

Had I any choice in this matter - as honored as I am to have been chosen for this selection - I would NOT have volunteered. My wife, kids, and family have been very patient and tolerant of all the extra work involved in this assignment.

I have made arraignments to crash at (my) Mom & Dad's place. They are a mile from my workplace, which will shave a hour (and 2 gallons of gas) off of each day. The kids have their first day of School on Tuesday, so I will have to be home on Monday night. The other nights will be determined on a case by case basis. We will just have to see how I feel each day.

This is not all bad news because two days ago my car's transmission started failing (no reverse). This is not surprising to me, nor all that upsetting. I bought the car knowing the transmission had some problems, and that I would at some point have to address these issues. The car held up for a year now - and it's time has come. It is a fairly common problem with Saturn, and since (while I am on RNC assignment) my Dad will be in New York helping my sister move into her new house, I will be able to stay there AND use his car while mine is in the shop! It's a win-win! The only thing that would make this any easier, would be if the transmission shop told me the repair would be "on the house"...
Keep wishin' there big boy!
Dang transmissions... Thankfully all this overtime will (more than) cover the cost of the repair - and it will not be a financial burden what-so-ever.... (My guardian angel is watching out for me!)

Well, I have to start packing... Packing clothes, packing resources, and (lets be honest here folks) the all important snacks. After all, the RNC is providing me a meal during my shift. One meal in 16 hours is not going to work...

I'll try and check in at least once (and maybe a couple of times) over the next eight days. I'll do my best to keep up with your blogs, but I make no promise...

See you on the other side of an 84 overtime hour paycheck!
Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (wicked laugh)
See, he is going crazy already... Tisk, Tisk, Tisk... That is so sad...
That's all folks...


  1. You are going to work that poor angel to death. Send her own here for a vacation before this hurricane hits the coast. At least she won't be soooo bust down here!

  2. Boy did I pick the right time to switch jobs AND have a baby huh? Good Luck with the RNC, I will be watching you from the comfort of my couch!!!!

  3. I must be losing my mind, cuz i can't find the "comments" button for your latest post. So, putting it here:

    No words. Your job, while often I would imagine it can be wonderfully exciting, sounds painfully depressing. God bless folks like you who can and do, do it.

    Also, did I miss your RNC stint update? Did Gustav change the plans?
    I wanna here where you had to put some "hatin" liberal in a headlock and show them out the door!!


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