Some Good News

Some good news came today, in the form of a job offer and start date for the wayward and prodigal #1 of 5.

His three month stint of being a (by choice) unemployed, uninsured, have-nothing-to-do, have-nowhere-to-go, have-no-money-to-do-it-with, video-game-playing, tv-watching, food-eating, couch-potato of a parasite on my (over sized) bottom side has now come to a (hopefully permanent) end.
Hmmm... Do I seem a little... Frustrated??

Yeah, ok... That was a bit harsh on my part... But I have such a hard time understanding why a 20 year old able-bodied man would choose to try not to have a full time job - and (literally) lay around the house doing nothing. Especially when that 20-year-old has drive and
ambition (when he wants to), and endless possibilities ahead of him...
Now that my rant is over, it's time for some good news! #1 of 5 rejoins the "real world" on Wednesday as a meat-cutter for a local "Club-Style" retail warehouse giant (a local "Club-Style" retail warehouse that DOES NOT rhyme with "Blostco").

He has some pretty significant bills to pay off (that he has been blowing off), before he can evem START to think about a car again...

Please, everyone.. For the sake of my sanity - say a prayer, send some good karma, or think of a happy little thought ("any happy little thought") his way. He will need all that he can get... (And I need him to get all that he can get)...


  1. That's great. Here's to hoping he stays there and pays off his debt quickly

  2. Buckets of karma headed your direction.

    You can always try the no sitting or laying in the house is permitted between 0700 and 1900 daily, wanna be a bum? Do it in the yard! :)

  3. Perhaps the novel idea of having a regular paycheck will be enough to keep him cutting meat for years to come!

    Sending best wishes his way!

    Oh, and you didn't sound frustrated at all! Not in the least!

  4. HOORAY for the new job! Keep in mind, I have a brother who is the same way, and he's 34 years old. It could be worse!

  5. sound like a REAL dad.

    ...all *huff n puff* "He better get a job, dangit!"

    That was some good stuff!

  6. Good luck to #1 of 5. I hope that tiger has working stripes so they don't change for your own sanity!

  7. Good Luck! My first real job was with an Arkansas based Warehouse club store. Learned lots of good stuff there.

    And once I ran over my OWN FOOT with a forklift!

    But you don't have to tell #1 of 5 that...


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