Porta-Potty Pressure Cooker - Part 2 - #5 of 5

This post (the second in a four part series) is a month late. I started writing it, and it kept growing. The more I sat down and wrote on it, the more I wanted to say, and the longer it got. Since it was (collectively) a HUGE post, it got put on the back burner.

In the first episode, I talked about how this post came to be, then went into a little bit of background into my personal "bathroom issues". If you have not yet read Part 1 then click HERE before reading any more.


Porta-Potty Pressure Cooker - Part 2 - #5 of 5

So, there we were at this year's Summerfete. Since the Mother of Five had taken the kids on the "half mile each way" jaunt to the Porta-potties a couple of times already, I had high hopes that their need to "go" had been satisfied. I also understood that if they did need to "go" again, I would very likely be called into service.

Alas, just as the fireworks were to begin, #5 of 5 started her "pee-pee dance", and told Mom that she had to "go"...

Nervously I looked away - pretending I had NOT heard nor seen her, but MOF turned to me and reminded me how many times she has made the trek to the porta-potties already...

Reluctantly, I broke down, and in a bit of a "huff", we headed out.

Of course when we arrived (after worming our way through the crowds) I was face to face with my idea of a nightmare a bank of twenty porta-potties all lined up in a neat little row - and LOTS of people all around...
We found an open unit, and I took her inside.. So far things were going smoothly... That was until I could hear (from the end of the row of porta-potties) a couple of teenagers, snickering with that distinctive "Marijuana Laugh" as they ran down the row of potties beating on the backs of each potty as they ran past.
I have to admit here, had I SEEN this as a "spectator" rather than EXPERIENCE it as a "participant" (from inside the potty), I would have gotten quite a chuckle out of it.. But, I was inside... And I have "porta-potty-issues"...

Sigh.... Darn kids...
When she finally finished, we headed back towards the rest of the family, and arrived at our blanket just as the fireworks began... And I began mellowing back out a wee bit.


If you thought that ending sounded WAY too good to be true... You'd be correct! Hang in there, and see where Part 3 takes us!


  1. "And I began mellowing back out a wee bit."

    Could that have been a wee-wee bit? Here's hoping!

  2. I am the oldest of 6. The youngest seemed to have an insatiable need to visit every restroom possible. I always thought that he had a thing about comparing the various amenities/"decor." Despite the gender difference (besides, Mom was frequently between marriages), I usually had to escort him on his little treks. While not quite sharing your extreme revulsion (until it comes to port-a-potties!), I did not share my brother's enthusiasm. I am not sure whether he outgrew the curiosity or the need for a guardian first, but, at last, I was freed from bondage.

    I can hardly wait to hear the rest of your story.

  3. Mike....

    Great job at finding that embedded (and intended) pun!!


    I don't know about growing to dislike the bathrooms, but I have hated public restrooms since I was a young boy...


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