Jake vs.The Skunk

Today, I am featuring another guest post by my all-time-favorite-good-buddy Ed, and the exploits of his faithful and trusted companion Jake. Jake was the subject of the most recent post over on Dad's Outdoor Journal, titled The Unexpected Slumber Party.

This actually came to me as an e-mail... Since Ed does not have a blog of his own (yet), it is with his kind permission that I am posting his little story for the world wide web's consumption here on The Life of a Father of Five.

Our story begins with Ed and family sitting outside around their campfire ring.

If you like this story, and / or if you liked "The Unexpected Slumber Party" - Leave Ed a comment here... Tell him how much he should have a blog of his own!!

Anyway.. Enough of the cyber-harassment... Take it away Ed...
Well, so much for an evening next to the fire.

A couple hours ago Jake decided to rid the earth of one less skunk. Yep, you guessed it. Directly under the deck and patio door, Jake killed it deader than a door nail. Shook the living daylights right out of 'em 5 feet from where we were sitting.

Now to make matters worse, I have an industrial fan set up in front of the patio door to bring cool air into the house. When Jake killed the skunk, I thought he got off lucky and did not get sprayed. I couldn't smell anything.......yet.

It just so happens that industrial fan was doing a swell job of pulling the smell...........right into the house.

So far we have gone through 2 cans of air freshener and have lit enough scented candles in the house to keep the Duluth Fire Department on standby.

As for Jake...he got a bath and a dog bone.
There you have it folks... Short, sweet, and to the point!
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Ed, you really should have a blog of your own. Or at least you and Jake!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Years ago, my dog got skunked when we were camping. The skunk apparently wanted her dinner. Lots of tomato juice later, we had a wet stinking dog. Normally dogs are not allowed to sleep outside, but the ranger didn't want her to ruin our car or our tent, so the poor thing did. Fortunately, the worst passed fairly quickly and we were able to breathe on the drive home a couple of day later. I don't think she got a direct hit and maybe the tomato juice did help a little.

  2. My condolences, Ed. Whew! That must just make your nose curl. You should write a blog. I'd read it.

  3. The recipe to remove skunk odor from a dog is....

    1 pint hydrogen peroxide
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1 table spoon or less of dish soap.

    After I let that sit on Jake for a few minutes, I rinsed him off. You would never know he tangled with a skunk.

  4. Yeah, but what about the house??

  5. I'll make a deal with you. You have been trying for years to get me to start a blog. I have tried for years to get you to go camping for a couple days. So.....the day you haul your carcass up here to go camping is the day I start my blog. Deal?

  6. Eh... Ed..

    You better be careful with what you say... I just may take you up on that!


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