Life has a way of keepin' me busy

Good morning everyone..

I just wanted to make a very quick check-in here at FOF (to assure you that I have not abandoned the blog).

Life is keeping me very busy - between training new dispatchers at work, and "life in general" at home, (that includes two seperate trips to the emergency room (for different children), a day at Nickelodeon Universe, etc) my blog time has been greatly diminished. I have had a hard time even keeping up with my "regular reading" of other "father bloggers".

So, if you have not heard from me (either here, or on your blog) rest asured I am still "out here" - and hope to have my schedule clearing up here some time next week.

I have been (slowly) working on a Neckelodeon Post, with the help of Microsoft Live Writer (I am still in love with that FREE program!).

Hang in there! Hope all is well with everyone else. I'll see you on the other side of my schedule folks.


  1. Tell your kids and co-workers to take a flying leap.

    This is BLOGGING, man!

    Waiting with baited breath to hear about NickUniverse.

    BTW, Neckelodeon? Did you and Mom of Five find a hideaway under one of the rides?

  2. Thanks to your recommendation, I too have discovered the joys of "LiveWriter." Other than a small glitch with "customized margins" it appears to work near-flawlessly with WordPress.

    And I think most of us understand the busy life. There are ebbs and flows. Hopefully your flow is coming soon (and I mean that in like...the good way...yeah, I'm gonna stop there...)

  3. I hear you about busy training life at work and a busy family life at home!!

    Hope things slow down for you soon!


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