April in Minnesota

It's about 1:45 am, and I am just leaving for work.

I opened the patio door blinds, and peeked outside only to find a thin blanket of snow on the ground!

April 26. Four days until May - and we have SNOW!!

Only in Minnesota folks!

(Oh, and don't think I'm dissin' it neither! This is EXACTLY why I LOVE this State!!!)


  1. I guess you'd have to love it to live there. Personally, I'd rather see the snow all gone by March at the latest but sometimes it surprises us down here in Connecticut, too. Hopefully not this year, though!!

  2. Well, the picture up on my blog at the moment is from April 6 - but it's April 6th in SOUTH LONDON - not a place known as a heavy snowfall magnet at most times of the year, let alone April.


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