With Only Five Days Left

I sit here and am working on my Windows Live Writer (if you blog and you don't have it, get it! - Unless your on a Mac... Sorry Mac folks).
I have procrastinated long enough now. I decided (even though it was "done" and all that was left was a final review (for my own "mental health" sake), that this morning was going to be my morning for the infamous "tax day".
About an hour later now, and everything is done. After hitting the "Transmit My Return Now" button and a five minute wait, my Turbo Tax program keeps sending me an Error Message, reminding me that my tax return was NOT successfully transmitted, and to try again later. I am not too sure what is going on yet, but I suspect that the IRS's servers are VERY busy - It reminds me of trying to visit a busy web site.
So, Since I have some spare time (waiting to upload this $%#$% tax return) let me catch you up with a couple of items that are going on here...
#1 - I went home sick on Tuesday. I woke up with a raging headache, and felt worse and worse as time went on. I arrived at work, and was fighting back from vomiting. I talked to my supervisor who sent me home. I slept for nearly five hours, and while I still felt lousy, I was feeling better than I did that morning. Today (Thursday) I feel like I am back to normal.
#2 - Tomorrow, I have another "Powerhouse" meeting with long time friend, and fellow Blogger Lisa from "Many Things Do Not Fly", the soon to be published author and webmaster of the now defunct (but I'd sure love to see active again) www.offthedeepend.org Don, and Jenny (who has yet to provide me any sort of link, or book she has published....(grin)). We are meeting at an undisclosed establishment that has some ancestral ties to one of the attendees. I am really looking forward to hearing more about that!
You can check out my Powerhouse Lunch label and see some prior mentions of our "get-togethers". I only have posts abut our first lunch, and mentioned one I missed. There is a whole lunch that I did not mention. (Sounds like a future project). Tomorrow will be my third of our four "Powerhouse Lunches". It should prove to be fun, as this group of folks are always a gas to do lunch with! (If you are reading this, I will have photos of the family this time, and Jenny - PLEASE have something anything to add after your name for future lunches! ~Wink~)
#3 - I am preparing for three day "field trip" with both #2 and #3 of 5. Our children's school only goes to 6th grade. It has been tradition that the exiting 6th grade class takes a "final field trip" together as a culmination of their time together at St. John's before they prepare to head into the world of the Public School System. This year (due to budgetary constraints), the school has combined both the 5th and 6th grades, and will start sending students on this annual trip every other year. This year, since I have both a 5th and and 6th grader attending St. John's - I have two attending the trip.
When the school asked for volunteers, they received more offers than they could actually use (or the facility could handle), so there was a "lottery" for parental chaperones. Thankfully, I was chosen as one. I will soon be heading out with #2 and #3 of 5 to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. I am very glad to be able to attend (as I will be one of the only parents with two children attending this year), yet at the same time, I feel badly for the parents who wanted to attend, but were unable to.
The Public School 6th grade kids also take a three day trip to Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center. Due to several reasons, our #1 of 5 was a public school student, and therefore attended the Wolf Ridge Trip when he was in 6th grade (seven years ago.. Seven years?!?!? Has it been that long??!?!) I was able to attend the Wolf Ridge trip as a chaperone.
I am sure I'll return with some good stories from Eagle Bluff! It will be very fun to compare the trip to Wolf Ridge, to the one at Eagle Bluff.
#4 - More of an interesting tidbit, but I found out yesterday that another one of my closest high-school friends (Tony M.) is about to become a co-worker with one of our fellow classmates -whom I have known from my days the earliest of elementary School at St. Kevin's in Minneapolis. (Mike B.)
I left St. Kevin's in third grade when my parents moved from Minneapolis to Bloomington. I attended Nativity in Bloomington until I "graduated" 8th grade. When we "graduated" from Nativity, I attended Holy Angels where I met up with most of my old friends from St. Kevin's! Mike B. was one of my good friends from St. Kevin's - and although five years separated us, and we were not part of the same "gang" of friends, we remained friends through high school. Mike B. is one of the people I look forward to catching up with each reunion, and this year was no exception! This year I met his wife, and shared some great stories! I am glad to hear that Tony and Mike will be working together... Maybe this will provide me yet another opportunity for "Powerhouse Lunches"!
Well, this darn tax return is still hung up, so I think I'm going to call it quits until tonight when I suspect the IRS's servers will be slightly less busy!

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  1. I'm enjoying LiveWriter too, but I also see it did you like it does me sometimes and changes the font on a paragraph of text.

    It ain't perfect, but it's better than the Wordpress GUI!


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