A "Virtual Package"

Hey, AtHomeDaddy - I picked up a little somethin' for ya!
Since I could not find any Wild Cherry M&M's, I'm keepin' the sling shot!


Hit my "contact" link, and provide me the necessary info, and it's on it's way!! (Dang, if this doesn't sound a little.. "stalker-esque"... Honest, I'm not trying to lure you into the car with me or anything creepy like that! )

(Reference - The last paragraph)


  1. Dang it. What I really meant to say is that I REALLY like is HDTV. Really. A LOT!

    Oh why didn't I stick with my original post idea and rave about HDTVs. Big HDTVs.

  2. Thank you for posting the Autism banner! Word is getting out..... that means more and more will be come educated! Thanks again!


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