Late April Fool's Day

Just a quick catch up with a few posts.

With the help of a couple of co-workers, we played an "April fool's day" prank at work.

I received a catalogue in the mail the other day... (A catalogue from a company that I am on a mailing list for) We made up a fake "order sheet" and posted it on a bulletin board (along with said catalogue).  Then we posted a message that said my children's school is having a fundraiser, and that if anyone was interested in any products to feel free to sign up, and that if anyone had any questions, to get in touch with me.

You should have seen some of the initial reactions!  Priceless!


(P.S.  My April Fool's prank was in no way meant to belittle the company in any way.  They make some beautiful pieces, and if I happened to be in the market, would actually consider this as an option...


  1. But do those monks make a mean pine wood derby racer? I bet you would kick a monk's rear end on the racecourse!

  2. I ALMOST fell for it, but I knew you better!


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