Housecleaning (blogroll)

In an effort to clean up my sidebar just a bit, I am removing the "Father Bloggers", and in it's place I am going to put a single link to a "blogroll" post in it's place.

Of course, the first three links are my "trifecta" of blogs... So they get first billing! After the list of my blogs, I will maintain the list in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. There is NO SIGNIFICANCE to which blog is first, and which is last.

I do my blog reading through Google Reader, and this is the list of Father Bloggers (and a few mothers too) that are currently in my reader. I do read all of these (as time allows), but the BOLDED links are ones that (for whatever reason) I tend to gravitate more towards, and comment on more frequently. Most of these are from Minnesota, or (if they are not) it is someone that I share a a common interest (other than fatherhood) with, or wrote a post that hooked me in.

If you do not find your blog on here, and you think I would be interested in it, please drop me an email HERE, or leave me a comment!

Find my Blogroll HERE!

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