My Own Brand of Medicine

For Easter, instead of a load of candy for the kids, and some hefty dental bills for us, the Easter Bunny brought #2 of 5, and #3 of 5 a pair of SanDisk Sansa C140 MP3 players.

Being the cheapskate that I am, I can not justify forking out the big bucks for the Apple brand iPod's. Not when you can get an equivalent product for a SIGNIFICANTLY less cost.

I (personally) have two Sansa's. The first one I bought was the 1gb m240, after two years (when it proved to be just a little too small for all my music listening endeavors), I bought myself The kids bought me a e260 for Christmas. The e260 has 4gb on board, and has a MicroSD card slot for up to another 2gb. So, my e260 has a total of 6gb of space available (6 times my m240, and 3 times the size of #1 of 5's 2nd Generation, 2gb iPod Nano - which at the time, he paid $150.00 for - while I paid $35.00 for my refurbished e260!)

Wow, can I digress... Back to the story.

So, after about a month or so #2 of 5 left his MP3 player out, and (while cleaning the house) I "confiscated" it. One day (about a week later) he came to me and asked if I knew where his MP3 player was, as he could not find it. His MP3 player was returned after a brief lecture, and a warning about what would happen next time.

Then the inevitable happened next. #3 of 5 also left his MP3 player out, and (as with his brother) while cleaning the house I "confiscated" it. #3 of 5 noticed his MP3 player missing the next day, and it too was returned after a brief lecture, and a warning about what would happen next time.

After yesterday's fiasco with the side view mirror on the Saturn, I had my e260 out and was listening to it while I made the temporary repairs. When I finished, I came back into the house and left my e260 on the entryway table while I put my supplies away. Since I had to be up at 1am for work, around 9pm I started packing my work bag (the kiddos were all in bed and asleep by now). As I packed my bag, I could not locate the e260. I asked Mother of Five if she knew where it got placed...

With a grin on her face, and one of "those" looks, she answered "Yes" and was told I would have to "talk to one of my sons".

Apparently #3 of 5 found it quite funny that I had left my MP3 player out (which is pretty unusual) after I confiscated theirs (for the same reason), so he took it upon himself to "confiscate" mine! He apparently ran to mom, and proudly showed off what he had found. He told her what he was planning to do, and (of course) received a "full approval" from Mother of Five.

When MOF told me what had happened, I could not help but laugh. She offered to tell me where my MP3 player was, but I refused. After all - I was being dosed with a little of my own brand of medicine. I'll let #3 of 5 bask in the glory of his victory, and "break down", asking him for my MP3 player back today.

I am sure I'll get it back - but not after a brief lecture, and a warning about what would happen next time...

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