Wish Me Luck

It is one of those rare occasions.  The sun, moon, planets and stars have all aligned, and we ALL have (well, all except #1 of 5) a Sunday without plans (except Church that is...)  It's a day off for me, it's a day off for my wife, and none of the kiddos have anything planned. 

For Christmas, we were given a gift from my Aunt.  A gift of four day passed to (was was then The Park at Mall of American) Nickelodeon Universe.  My wife and I looked at the calendar and noticed that this would really be the only opportunity to utilize these passes before they expire (because the sun, moon, planets and stars will not be lining up again in the foreseeable future), so we are gong to be heading out to the M.O.A. and spend the day at the new Nickelodeon Universe.

Many of my co-workers will be surprised to see an admission that I actually will be setting foot in that behemoth mall.  You see, the MOA is the reason I behave and go to Church..   Really?  The MOA is your motivation to go to church and be a good person you ask??  Well... Sort of..   You see, my version of Gehenna.  I fear that if I do not spend my life here on earth being a "good person" my eternity will be spent at the MOA.  Between the people, and the crowds, and public restrooms, and the outrageous costs, and the pushing, and shoving, and the people - oh, did I mention the crowds and the people??   My only hope is that it's sort of "nice" outside today, and that may discourage a "population of a small city" to stay home, providing me some "breathing space" thus relieving a little of my anxiety. 

Why would I submit myself to this hellish freak show of a nightmare?  Well... Because my kids love it.  Because my wife loves seeing the kids love it, and because I love seeing my wife & my kids loving it.  So, like all good dads do, I'll be "grinning and barring it" for my kids.

I'm sure I'll have a couple of pictures and stories from Gehenna from Nickelodeon Universe to share.

Now, kids - PLEASE do not ask me to take you to Chuck E. Cheese's.  I'll already have served my sentence...


  1. I go to MOA and Camp [Insert Current Corporate Sponsor] and have a ton of fun with OhPrincess1. You see, OhCountess is afraid to let OhPrincess1 go to Valley Fair because OhPrincess1 might get scared on a ride. OhPrincess1 and I actually get to go on "scarry rides at MOA. I'll admit that I love a good roller coaster. Trying to teach the kids the finer points of roller coasters, its just hard to get around OhCountess and her fear of the unknown.

    How was the park? We are hoping to go there in the next few weeks.

  2. I think the park at the mall is pretty fun too.
    And they have good ice cream too.

  3. I happen to be at the MOA on Sunday as well, shopping alone with gift certificates for Sears that expire today. You would never guess the economy was hurting by looking at the full hallways and full parking ramps. It was exhausting.

    Know someone else shared your misery that day :)

  4. I have to be honest, I hate that place as well. Ellie is not yet old enough to now the pain, no I mean missery, no I mean pleasure of the rides there. So as of yet, I have not had to endure the wrath of MOA. The weekend of the 12th, however, I will be forced to go to the underwater adventure at MOA. My mom is coming down and wants to take Ellie there for her birthday.

    I will say that if you go there on a Monday, at 6am, when its 75 out, it is not nearly as crowded!!

    I hope you had a good time,and soon you will be able to go to less crowded places like Como Zoo. Oh wait.......that to is a nightmare. But at least the kid loves the animals there!!


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