Second Annual Installment – Blogger Cribs

Well, looking back on the site, it would be more accurate to call this the Second “Bi-Annual” installment of Blogger Cribs.  The First Annual Installment was back in 2008. 

Since then, there has been a few changes around the house and yard, but nothing too significant. 

I took some snapshots of the house after my final “winter yard preparation”.  Just before winter here in Minnesota, we “batten down the hatches”.  Our yards are cleaned up one last time, the leaves are all removed from the lawns, and our “stuff” (benches, flower pots, planters, hoses, picnic tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc) are all picked up, tucked safely away until after the spring thaw.  Most houses and yards look “minimalistic”, and I think they look pretty darn good!   

Like I did back in 2008, I’m going to ask YOU to join me in this tradition!

No matter where you live, be it a multi-million dollar mansion, a large beautiful house, a modest and well lived in home, a town house, an apartment, a cardboard box, or that niche in the concrete under the bridge – I’d really like to see it! 

Please, join me in this year’s Second Annual Installment of Blogger Cribs!

May I present you, Casa de Father of Five!

Casa de Father of Five 1    Casa de Father of Five 2

Casa de Father of Five 3    Casa de Father of Five 4

Casa de Father of Five 5    Casa de Father of Five 6


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