Weathering Any Storm (Door)

Three days ago, my dad and I put a new exterior door on the front of our house

Yesterday I had my dad come over and help me with the last “major” portion of the job – the Storm Door.

In between the day the door went in, and the day the storm door went on, I did some minor “prep” work.  I put a temporary wood support under the threshold (need my table saw – which is on loan right now – to custom rip a permanent board into place), I caulked around the door (as much as I could before running out of caulk), and insulated around the door from the INSIDE. 

Well, I insulated as much as I could.  The insulation I had lying around was a victim of the “twice spilled” beer from two days prior.  It was both wet, and smelled like beer.  After the incident of the cats in the ceiling, I had my fill of insulation that smelled like ANYTHING except insulation, so I vowed to replace it instead of trying to use it. 

I needed some other items to finish the job (as well as a few unrelated items).  This was also a “no school” day for the kids and a “work day” for The Mother of Five - so I had to be responsible for had all the kids home with me.

I loaded up #5 of 5, and we headed out to Lowe’s to pick up some light bulbs, paint, insulation, caulk, spray foam, and a new doorbell (the doorbell being the only significant “casualty” from replacing the door).  With my wife’s workplace only a couple of minutes away from Lowe’s – #5 of 5 insisted that we stop by and see mom – and to buy an Icee with the two dollars she happened to “find” in my car… 

So much for that two bucks….

By the time we finished shopping, seeing mom, getting her sugar fix getting her Icee, and heading home, my dad had already arrived at our house.  I pulled up to see the rest of the kids and my dad playing ball outside in the driveway.  I showed him my “acquisitions” for today’s chores, we debated a little bit on where and how to start, but in the end we just “punted”.  It worked out well.

FOF...  That large mound of red at the bottom of the photoMy dad mixed up some mortar to repair a damaged portion in the brick work in front of the house while I pained the brickmould.  We finished at just about the same time, and so we decided to get the new storm door out of the basement, unpack it, and have a vague idea on what we needed to do while the paint and mortar dried. 

Everything seemed to time out pretty well.  By the time we unpacked the door, stashed away the window glass and screen (so the kids would not destroy it), and familiarized ourselves with all the parts, the paint had dried enough for us to start. 

The door went in pretty easily (truth be told, I have installed storm doors in the past, and could have done it myself, but having my dad there to keep me company, and to help out when needed was pretty nice. 

Ewwww... Look at the condition of that pillar!!


Instead of The Doors, or Ron & Fez, today I loaded up my radio with over twelve hours of “The Whistler”.

As dinner time approached, we had the door installed, the glass installed, and the latch installed.  We had ourselves a FUNCTIONAL Storm Door!!  But, by 5pm we both have had our fill of working on the front door.  The last bit of tasks left are minor, and can easily be accomplished by one person.

What’s left you ask??  Some interior drywall / spackling work, the strike plates on both the door and the storm, and a couple of beads of caulking, and (as you can see in the photos to the left) painting our weathered pillar.  When that is done, I can call this job COMPLETE!




The "Father of Five" and "The Father of The Father of Five"   


Thanks to my dad for all the help.

Sometimes we may not see eye to eye, or that it may seem like I am not listening, or maybe even feel like I am not appreciative of all the help he TRIES to give, but I am! 

I would not be who I am, or where I am today without his help!

Thanks Dad!!







  1. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE the light you get in our house from that new door. We did the same thing a few years ago, adding a door with a window and a full length glass store door, and I will NEVER go back. GOOD JOB DAVE on another successful home improvement job!

  2. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE the light you get in our house from that new door. We did the same thing a few years ago, adding a door with a window and a full length glass storm door, and I will NEVER go back. GOOD JOB DAVE on another successful home improvement job!

  3. Looks good! I love the new door and storm door. I agree: the light will be much better. Well done! My front door is solid and has no window, so I might consider doing the same thing, as there is no other window on the entry side of the house. I'll come begging for tips when I do. :)

  4. We love our storm door. Yours looks great. I installed mine with the help of my father-in-law. Love your message :)

  5. Don't take those days of working with your Dad on projects lightly. My Dad helped me with 2 of the 3 entry doors that I have replaced (and MUCH more over the years). Due to his cancer, he's just not able to do much of that, now. I miss the fellowship (and help) of father and son projects.

  6. Looks great and having your dad "help" you, rather than the other way around is a right of passage I think. The only thing I don't like about my storm door, is that now I can't put a nice wreath on my door because it gets squarshed between the two doors.

  7. Well it looks like I know who to call when I need a door installed. You guys did a great job.

    FYI, your sentiments about you Dad mirror my own about my father. Kinda funny.


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