First Snowstorm!

Good thing I got the work done in the yard yesterday!  When I look at those photos and I look out the window this morning, it’s hard to believe it’s the same yard, not even 24 hours later.  I did not get the yard 100% complete.  I still have a few tasks to take care of, and I thought I would be able to do them this morning… That was until mother nature had her say….


Here's where it all beganIt started snowing yesterday evening while I was still at work.

By the time I got off duty (at 1am) the snow had started accumulating on solid objects – like my car!

At 1am – I have little to no traffic on the road to contend with, and my drive home is pretty smooth and easy. 

“Set it and forget it” (Cruise control)

Not so much last night.  By the time I was half way home, the freeways were starting to fill up with slush, and the ruts in the slush started pulling my car around a bit.

I arrived home, cleaned up and went to bed around 2:15am.

Lookin' out my front windowWhen I awoke (roughly 8am) the first thing I noticed was just how much snow had accumulated! 

The girls were giddy with stories about the snow! 

They were wanting to show me the trees (coated in snow), they wanted to show me which window in the house gave them the most beautiful view of the new snow, and they wanted to show me our “Mary Statue” (Mary, the mother of Jesus) looked like she had a “tall hat” on and was covered with “sheep fur”

I grabbed the camera and started taking some snapshots from the girls window (overlooking the back yard).

Back yard, from the girls window    Back yard, maple tree, from the girls window

deck railing - note the depth of the snow




Then I ran to the deck to get a photo of the deck ledge where you can really see how much snow we have gotten so far!





And finally, since I needed to venture out into this wintery wonderland (to shovel it off the driveway) – I took a couple of photos for comparison purposes…

Remember folks, these photos were taken less than twenty hours apart! 

Friday Afternoon    Saturday MorningFriday Afternoon    Saturday Morning Friday Afternoon    Saturday Morning

As you can see in that final photo – I did manage to get the driveway all cleaned off… 

That photo was taken at 3pm, and for the record…  IT’S STILL SNOWING!!

Nothing like starting off the season with a bang!


  1. We wore short sleeve shirts today..

  2. I ran the air conditioner for a while today. It was almost 83 in the house and nobody should suffer through that when there is AC available! :)

  3. For the record, the Princess says "No fair! He got to play in the snow..."

  4. David,
    why did you color your lawn different than that of your neighbor's? Doesn't Photoshop have a setting that you could just "uncheck"?
    Always trying to help . .


  5. That could happen anytime here, too, but I was still doing some outside cleanup in just a sweatshirt this afternoon.

  6. Dude, you're making me jealous and homesick!!! I have yet to break out a coat so far this year. Have I turned the jealousy tables yet??? Enjoy the cold buddy.


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