Happy Thanksgiving - 2010

This year Thanksgiving’s scheduled events were to occur at my parents house.  Mom really enjoys cooking, and serving up wonderful dinners (and truth be told I suspect she enjoys watching other enjoy her creations even more than she enjoys creating them)!

With the whole family off (including school) on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we decided to make it a “family day” – and take the opportunity to go see a movie.  The boys wanted to see “Harry Potter”, while the girls wanted to see “Tangled”.  Checking the theater times, we noticed that both movies had a start time within 10 minutes of each other – so we let the boys go see their movie, while the Mother of Five and I took the girls to see “Tangled”.

, The weather was a typical late November in Minnesota type of cold (cold, and dry) when we first arrived at the mall.  The weatherman had warned us about an impending storm, but it had yet made it’s presence known. 

Once the movies had finished and we had exited the theater back into the mall, the first thing I noticed while passing a window was the “significant” loss of visibility due to the falling snow.  The second thing I noticed was the “significant” accumulation of the falling snow upon the ground. 

Not good.  I had plans… 

For a couple of days ahead of time, I had posted “vague” status updates on Facebook – lamenting whether or not “this would be the year”…  People started wondering and asking – some with very funny guesses, but in the end, what it was all about was my desire to try and make “White Castle Turkey Stuffing”.  The plan was to show up at my parents house with a “surprise dish”!

With the weather outside getting “frightful” – it was time to load up the family and head home (hitting the White Castle we pass on the way home)…  That was, until mom called me. 

As it turns out, she was sick.

She was feeling so lousy that she was calling us, and asking us if we would mind taking on the task of having Thanksgiving dinner at our house instead of coming over to her house…

For those of you who know my mom, this is “significant”. 
Mom would not do this unless she was REALLY feeling badly.

She already had a turkey thawed, stuffing made, and a few other fixin’s ready to go – so she asked if we would brave the weather to pick up what she had prepared. 

We arrived safely.  Mom was indeed not feeling well, so once we had the better part of a Thanksgiving dinner safely tucked away in the back of our minivan, we wished mom our best and ventured forth through the treacherous weather toward home. 

Given all the changes that have just taken place, and the insurmountable odds of what we still had to get done before noon the next day – I decided that we would forgo the added task of stopping, buying and making the White Castle Turkey Stuffing this year.

Side note:  We stock up on turkeys when they are on sale around Thanksgiving.  I still have two frozen turkeys left in our freezer (Did I mention how much I LOVE turkey?) – We decided to forgo the White Castle Stuffing for Thanksgiving, and decided we would give it a try with one of the other turkeys at a later date.  The good news is that it is still going to happen, just a little later!

Thanksgiving TableSince Thanksgiving was now going to be hosted at our house, once we arrived home – it was time to clean, and clean like CRAZY-FOLK!  Several hours later, the kids and their parents exhausted – the house looked pretty darn good!!

The next morning, the focus was on the food… 

In addition to the Turkey, stuffing, and jello (provided by mom), we contributed apple and pumpkin pies (both home-made) , freshly made raisin bread (also home made) and the beverages including water, soda, coffee, hot spiced cider, and a small wine bar – while my mother in law brought the mashed potatoes, yams (or sweet potatoes), and another jello.

While the food was cooking we broke out our fine china (which rarely gets used – but is one of my wife’s favorite things - they are an heirloom from her Great Aunt and she very fond of the set!).  We put the extension in the dining room table, set up the wine bar, and pulled in chairs from everywhere we could!  In the end, we had a table setting for ten!

Thanksgiving Table  Mini wine bar  Gravy, cider, corn, and turkey  stuffing, raisin bread, and coffee

Thanks were given to God for our bountiful feast, and we began to “dig in”…

The meal was spectacular! 

Thanksgiving Dinner  Thanksgiving Dinner

After dinner the table was cleared and we sat around visiting while we “digested” in preparation for the home-made pies intended for dessert.

After dinner digestion  After dinner digestion

Time for some Table Games!

After desert we commenced playing a few table games… 

We started with Apples to Apples (junior edition), played a couple of games of “Mexican Train” dominoes, and finally, a rip roaring game of Monopoly (where my mother in law dominated the rest of us!)

It was a great Thanksgiving!  The only thing that would have made the day any better would have been to be able to have my Sister-in-Law (from Texas), my sister and her family (from New York), my brother-in-law and his family (from Illinois), and (of course) my mom (home sick) present.

What made this a unique and special Thanksgiving (for us) is the fact that we were able to celebrate it at our house. 

It’s not that we do not enjoy having Thanksgiving at our respective families homes (we do!), but it’s nice to be able to motivate ourselves to getting the house in “tip-top” shape, and to break out the special dinnerware, and to have our families over to celebrate a holiday in our home too! 

I guess what’s really important is spending the time with the family – which is exactly what we did!


  1. Good job on the family dinner!

    I LOVE turkey, too. The past 2 years we have tucked away one extra sale turkey in the freezer... wish we had room for more. I haven't had enough turkey yet, so we're cooking a 19 pound bird tomorrow.

  2. Another 19 pounder again tomorrow??

    Now that is turkey LOVE!

    I'll get the hankerin' some time around March or April...

    We have our regular fridge/freezer, a basement fridge/freezer, and a third full sized freezer... It's all about stocking up here baby!!

  3. Congratulations on pulling off the changes in plans. I sure hope your mom is feeling like herself again!

    I roasted 2 turkeys for our family Thanksgiving dinner (there were 17 of us) but am thinking I need to go out and get another turkey. After turkey for lunch on Forced Family Fun Friday, there were almost no leftovers.

    Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. Good food and family.


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