FOF Observation #20

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As a father of five, you will inevitability be asked some pretty strange questions by your teenagers.

Today was no exception. 

Since they asked, they were our own (as opposed to other people’s), and I COULD NOT come up with a good reason
to say NO -  I “green lit” their idea - with one condition – they clean the mess when the were finished.

#3 of 5  #3 of 5

#2 of 5 was also involved, and I have photos of him involved, but in accordance with our agreement, he gets to “green light” any photos of him here on the blog.  Unfortunately, even though I “green lit” him, he did not “green light” me.


  1. Now go get your chickens. They will have that mess cleaned up in no time. Only the stem will be left behind.

  2. HAHA, @ "unfortunately, even though I "green lit" him, he did not "green light" me" amazing how quickly they turn on you once they get what they want huh. lol


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