Veteran’s Day - 2010

You may or may not have already read my previous post (A Long Overdue Visit).  If you have not, I’ll summarize. 

After taking some family members to the M/SP International Airport, I had a few of hours between dropping them off, and having to go report for duty at work.  Not wanting to drive all the way home, then back to work again – I decided that (since I was in the area) I would visit my grandparents (Memere & Pepere’s) grave. 

11-11-10_1218 It was while I was there cleaning up their gravesite that I decided to do a little something special for Veteran’s Day.  I noticed that the grave site next to Memere & Pepere’s is that of a World War One Veteran.  

I know nothing about this individual.  I have no connection to him or his family, I am not familiar with his life story.  I do not know if he had, or still has surviving family (there does not appear to be a matching “wife” headstone, nor are there any headstones nearby that seem to associate to the headstone in question).  It appears (for all practical purposes) that Sgt. Leon A. DeCorsey’s is a lone grave site.  What I do know is that he was a veteran of World War 1, and that his gravesite was significantly overgrown, and neglected. 

Since it was Veteran’s Day, I made the decision to spend some time pulling back the grass and weeds that had overgrown the headstone, then I pulled back the dirt that had encroached over top of the headstone.  Finally, I cleaned the mud out of the raised character lettering on the headstone.  I did the best job I could (with nothing but my hands, a couple of sticks I found on the ground, and some leaves to use as tools) giving it as thorough a cleaning as I could.



I may not be a veteran myself, but I have a lot of respect for those who have served.  They deserve our utmost respect, and while it may not be a lot, It was out of respect for our Veterans that I took the time I did cleaning up Sgt. Leon A. Decorsey’s gravesite. 

On behalf of the “Life of a Father of Five” family, I want to thank ALL veterans out there.

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