And since my blog is primarily considered a "daddy-blog", with "daddy-blogger" and "mommy-blogger" readers, when I say "crib", the first thing that comes to mind is the small prison cell bed that we detain screaming children lay our infants to sleep in.  Many of us have passed the same crib down from infant to infant...

Today, I am going to deviate, and break out of my "mold".  I'm going to jump back a generation (or maybe even two) and define "crib" as a house, home, abode, domicile, the roof over your head.

Today, as I made the final preparations for the onslaught of winter in Minnesota, I took a moment and looked at my "crib". 

The yard was clean, the trees were trimmed, the front patio was cleaned off, the lawn was mowed and the leaves were all up from the yard.  It felt good to see my "crib" looking so "fly" (OK.. Now I am REALLY in character!). 

I ran inside and took a few pics of the front of my house.

As I was viewing the photos, I realized that I have made many friends here on FOF.  Many of these friends are Dad's and Mom's living all over the country, often if different style "cribs".  It occurred to me that I have seen bits and pieces of their "cribs" from photos of their kids, their chickens, their patio, or any other photos in and around their "cribs" - But I have never really seen photos of any of their "cribs"...

So, I'll start....




That, my friends, is the FOF CRIB!

So, how about you all you Dad Bloggers, Mom Bloggers, or FOF Readers out there...  Let's see a recent front-on photo (or two) of YOUR CRIB!  (Be it a house, town-home, apartment, mobile home, camper... Heck... Even your car if that is what you call home.. )  I would really like to see some of that "curb appeal"!

Leave me a link in the comments to a blog post of your crib!


  1. I don't think we EVEN have a picture of the crib that was taken in the past 10 years. This post should inspire me.

  2. And for the record, I would kill for a three car garage.

  3. I'll play.....I'm not making any promises on when I get it posted however!


  4. Your crib is whack! Have to look and see ir I have such a pic.

    You on the flat WeaselMomma list.

  5. That's one big crib. That yard of yours would fit 5 of mine.

    I have a picture of my cribs porch on my blog today.

  6. That three car garage does rock! Though, I have a beer in my fridge, that says at least 1/3 of it is unusable for parking a car.

    Am I right? Am I right?

    Yard looks good too. There's nothing quite like doing handyman stuff around the house in the fall is there? Even though it's "work," it's still totaly enjoyable.

  7. I've posted some pics of my house pre purchase. I'll be sure to go out tonight and post some

  8. Cribs post done.

    Now onto my plan for the rest of the day... Time to take over the world! Bwah hah hah!

  9. Sorry, screwed up the link. Stupid HTML.

    Cribs post done.

    Now onto my plan for the rest of the day... Time to take over the world! Bwah hah hah!

  10. Nice place and you obviously take good care of it.

    No pictures of my poor, neglected, humble abode. Maybe someday.

    I like the idea of the crib pics, though.

  11. Ok Dave did it if you really want to see my home of all homes come and visit at

  12. Hi FOF,

    I just selected you as one of the winners of an award:

    Check it out if you have sometime.

  13. I'll give you a mental picture of my crib instead: undone yardwork, tree poop everywhere (stupid pine trees and those stinking weed trees the neighbor planted), a million bikes, a frig that is waiting to be picked up by the power company, too many cars (all of which work, though), and a garage full of bookcases. There is no way I'm letting you actually see this mess in a picture -- especially as I look at your crib and sigh. Ah, wouldn't it be nice. You have a lovely house and yard.

  14. Your crib is definitely much nicer than the place I call home but I'll have a post up for you tomorrow to laugh at!

  15. Mike - Great looking place!! I really love the tree swing!!

    Bill - Looking forward to it, but I think you have some pretty good ones already (of the paint job)

    Weaselmomma - Looking forward to it!

    Creative type dad - Actually, its one of the smallest houses in our "Development" - the yard is 1/3 of an acre.. I'm watching for some photos!

    Postulates and Pasttimes - Um... Looks like I owe you a beer... that third stall is stacked to the brim with CRAP... (Note - garage doors are closed in the photo) - and there are many times I can only get ONE car in the garage...

    Note for Mike and P&P - A friend once came over, and after looking in my garage said... All I need to do is look in your garage, and it will keep me from having kids"... (he was kidding of course)..

    HERE is a really old post (10-06) that will give you just a glimmer of the inside of my garage...

    Buck Rogers - Great Blog.. I'll be checking it out! Still waiting on the photos though...

    Stay at home princess - very nice... I LOVE older homes - they have a rich "history" that the new homes do not have... you must be on some acreage??

    Orland - Thank you very much! Keep an eye out for more... But, where is your crib photo?

    Eva and Barbara - as a member of the "large family community" I can completely understand where you are coming from... As noted above - the garage door is closed for a reason, no photos of the back yard for a reason, no pics of the side of the house for a reason.

    After spending several hours (just on the front), it looked so nice without toys, and bikes, and clothing, and loose socks, and baseballs, and gloves, and footballs, and... well you get the picture.. It looked so nice (unusual) that I HAD TO snap the photos...

    Sorry to hear that you wont be posting photos... I hope you will re-consider...

    Linda - It's much more "humble" that it appears in the photos.. Like I said above - I'll let you imagine what the inside looks like...

  16. My crib picture will be taken if I'm:
    A)Home before sunset (tough to do this time of year)
    B) If it ever stops raining.

    Geez...this blizzard thing seems early.

  17. I am unhappy with the current disarray of my crib. Can I be slotted for next season??

    Great looking house BTW. Love the yard

  18. Eric... This was last year's photo...This year will not be quite as nice.. We did some demo to the shrubbery around the front, and in anticipation for planting some new shrubs next year, there are some "holes" and "piles" waiting for the spring..

    GO FOR IT ANYWAY!! I'd LOVE to see em... Watch for this year's crib photos!


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