An Update from the Roofers

With the wonder of modern technology (camera cellular telephones#2 of 5 has been keeping us up to date with the progress that has been going on while they are pretending to be “roofers”.






First photo from the first day… Looks like they started off taking on the easy parts of the roof.


Hey, Uncle B… Nice view from here!








#2 of 5 texted me to say he was miserable…  Apparently, he had some sort of allergic reaction to something that was in the air.  It attacked him in the eyes, as you can see..

This is strange, because #2 of 5 does not normally deal with allergies.  He’s never experienced these “delights” before.

#3 of 5 is our allergy sufferer.  Surprisingly, he was doing just fine!






Today (after five days of working on the roof) I received text (and photo) messages #2 of 5 sent me.  The text read…

He is afraid of heights and he is on TOP of the roof…


The, the photo to the left showed up.

See, the thing is #3 of 5 (in the red shirt) has been deathly afraid of heights… We did not think he would actually get up on the roof during this process.  (I thought he would be a ground “go-fer”) for the roof crew…

There he is at the peak of the roof!  I’m so very proud of him!!


Keep up the good work guys!  Wish I was there to help you.


  1. Great work by good boys. Again, lessons of a lifetime they cannot learn from a classroom.

  2. You can tell them their aunt is VERY proud of them!!! Great work, boys!

  3. Looking at that boy is making my eyes itch. OUCH!

  4. Thanks Jenna and "Anonymous" Aunt.

    Mike - I can hardly look at that photo without my eyes doing the same thing...

  5. Young men of which to be proud!


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