Front Patio – Step 3

With time being at a premium as the school year / baseball season / golf season / dance class / sewing class all wind down for the year, the front patio project has crept along at a turtle’s pace.

Yesterday being a day off from work, I was actually pretty motivated to get some progress made.  Alas, it rained (steadily) all day long.  Instead, the Mother of Five and I did a thorough cleaning of our room.

Today, on the other hand, turned out to be an “almost” perfect day for working out in the yard! 

After Church and a little sustenance (in the form of a toasted PB & J and a Mountain Dew), I changed into some grubby clothing, lathered myself with SPF30, and loaded a MP3 player up the with several hours of Old Time Radio’s Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (to help distract me from the tedious task of hole digging).  With these tasks complete, I had run out of excuses – I had no choice but to head out and get started

The day’s plan consisted of digging holes for the fence posts, and leveling off the fence posts.

Surprisingly (for me) the morning and early afternoon went VERY well (usually something runs amuck and causes me significant delays).  The holes were dug pretty easily, and leveled out with little or no problems.  I did not even hit the underground natural gas line!! 

In fact, it went SO well, that not only did I get the post holes dug, but I even got a few of the rails temporarily placed (some tied up with string – and some that had not yet been cut to size) so I could get a feel for how everything was looking.







As the afternoon progressed, an isolated thunderstorm rolled through causing me to clean everything up and head in. 

You can see the clouds rolling in from the west over the top of the house in the photo to the left.

Once the thunderstorm stopped and the rain has held itself at bay long enough to convince me to make a triumphant return to the front patio project – I broke down, and headed back out getting all my tools out again.


The extra work time I got after my triumphant return was spent cutting down a few of the rails that needed to be cut – specifically the rails that surrounded the patio. 

As I was making the last couple of cuts, my Father in law returned with #2 and #3 of 5 from their “Roofing Extravaganza”!  (Link #1, Link #2).  I got the boys back in the house, visited with my (exhausted) Father in Law for a few minutes before he headed home.  Once he left, I finished up the last couple of cuts that comprised the fence rails around the patio area, cleaned up for the night, and headed in.

 IMG_0237_640x480 IMG_0238_640x480 IMG_0239_640x480 IMG_0240_640x480  IMG_0242_640x480 IMG_0243_640x480  IMG_0245_640x480 IMG_0246_640x480

What’s on tomorrow's dance card??  An inventory of the posts I still need, a trip to the lumber yard to exchange the wrong posts for the correct posts (corner, pass through, and end posts) and snag a few other miscellaneous supplies I need, to return home and complete the portion of the fence (both posts and rails) around the sidewalk portion of the project. 

Finally, on Tuesday – Once I have the posts and rails all plumbed, leveled, and looking satisfactory – it will be time to fill the post holes with cement – making their placement permanent. 

So, check out the photos, and share your comments, because it’s a matter of “speaking now, or forever holding your peace” 


  1. Speaking as the expert that I am on all things made of wood, (yeah right), I think it looks awesome. Nice job, bud.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. On second thought, maybe it is about 4 inches too tall . :)

    Running to Mexico to hide out now

  4. Careful there Mike... I've got "connections" - Getting back over the boarder may just involve a "MOOOOON RIVER"!!

  5. Looks great! How you will enjoy it for years to come!


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