In the “Why Didn’t I Think of That” Category.

My sister sent me an email, with this photo attached.



It seems that my twin nephews “N” & “J” received a birthday gift from their great aunt. 

The birthday gift was a monster sized box of candy, with a couple of other “items” mixed in with the candy….

Can you think of anything better than twin eight year old boys, hopped up on a candy / sugar high, running around the house armed with a couple of these things??

Now, how can I top / surpass this??


  1. I bow to the Queen of Birthday Presents for Boys!

  2. That is FANTASTIC! Love it!!

  3. That's tough...

    Silly String maybe??

  4. Oh Lord! Think of the parents...THINK OF THE PARENTS!!!!

  5. David,
    Yes, this was a wonderful idea. What fun! Beats your idea of cigarettes and a knife.


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