A C.I.T. Update

Tonight, we are making the one hour trek to drop #2 of 5 off for his introductory week-long staff training at the Phillipo Scout Reservation

Prior to departure, a doctor's visit for his "camp physical" was required.  Many phone calls and e-mails were sent (and received) sharing tips and suggestions for both this week of training, and the subsequent three weeks of C.I.T.'ing.  (Councilor In Training)

06-11-10_1925 Since he has been SQUEEZING himself into his original Boy Scout Uniform (and because the camp suggests two complete uniforms for staff) we needed to go out and purchase a new uniform.  The uniform requirement for camp is listed as a FULL uniform.  A full uniform includes the official BSA shirt, the official BSA pants / shorts / or "switchbacks" (pants legs that unzip into shorts), the official BSA belt, and the official BSA socks.  (What??  No requirement for BSA undies?? - Snicker, snicker.)

For the first time since... um... well, for the first time EVER, one of our Scouts will be dressed in a FULL BSA uniform!

Pushing it out to the last possible minute, the Mother of Five and I sat up last night and got the new uniform ready for it's debut.  While The Mother of Five hemmed the pants, I sewed the required patches on the shirt.  I have to say, we did a pretty good job of tag-teaming this task!

Here is a photo of #2 of 5 heading out to the field to meet the rest of the staff, councilors, and fellow C.I.T.’ers.

Ahhh... A little reprieve!  Our numbers are down...  Only three out of our five home for the next week...

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  1. I am impressed with the patch work. I tried to sew a button on once and used half a spool of thread and it was still loose.


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