Back Home after C.I.T. Staff Training

#2 of 5 successfully completed his week of C.I.T. Staff Training.

In addition to a bundle of dirty stinky clothing, and being completely exhausted, he came home with a new name!  Summer Staff are all given a Camp Nickname.   Noodles, for example, is the name of the staff person overseeing all the C.I.T.’s.  A few of the names that stuck out to me in addition to Noodles included Moose, #2 (and I do not mean my #2 of 5 – although that would have been “fitting”), Splash, Twix, Boone, etc, etc, etc…

#2 of 5’s camp name?  Kahoots.    (As in.. “Cahoots - A collusion or collaboration to nefarious ends”.  Whoever gave him that name knocked one outta the park!  It suits him to a “T”.)

At the culmination of their week of training, all parents and family of the Staff members were invited to camp for a Barbeque dinner.  Dinner consisted of Barbequed chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob, potato salad, canned peaches, fresh cut watermelon, a brownie, and milk or lemonade. 

Actually – dinner turned out surprisingly well!



After dinner – and an introduction to the primary staff members (sort of like the “managers” of the different areas of the camp) all family / friends of the staff were invited to the fire ring for a viewing of this year’s campfire extravaganza (thus providing the new staff a chance to perform the show as a practice run).



Left:  Off to the campfire ring. 

Right:  Arriving at the campfire ring


Left:  #2 of 5, with fellow troop member and C.I.T. “Twix” 

Right:  Scouts as “candles”  Its the 100th birthday of Scouting this year!


Left:  Singing the wild and crazy “Longa Chabonga” song.

Right":  Staff intermingling with the visitors to get them up and singing with the staff!


Then, once they finished the campfire routine, they wrapped up the night with the customary “Vespers

After Vespers, it was time to head back to the staff campsites to gather their ”stuff” and break camp – then back to the Gwinn center (the Staff Lounge – with a recreation center, and a kitchen) for final check out.

 06-16-10_2031 IMG_0293_640x480IMG_0297_640x480 IMG_0295_640x480 IMG_0296_640x480 IMG_0294_640x480



He may not realize it yet, but he is becoming a true roll model within his troop, and beyond! 

I am so proud of the young man that #2 of 5 is becoming. IMG_0274_640x480


  1. David,
    Brings back memories of going to ManyPoint Scout Camp for two weeks each summer. What?! WOOD flooring in a tent? We had dirt floors. And had to walk up hill three miles each way to get our food for each meal!

  2. I just absolutely LOVE this last picture of #2/5. It really captures his personality!!! What a proud aunt I am!


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