Prayer Request

Not that long ago, I wrote about a visit here on FOF from someone searching out a different Father of Five

Since then, I have been following his progress…  Daily…

I have been AMAZED by the progress he has made, and the optimistic view and extraordinary fortitude his family has.  Over the past several weeks, I have looked forward to seeing what “NO BAD NEWS” meant for Lewis each day. 

Today’s post on Father of Five may not be considered the best possible news, (but with all things considered) still falls under “no bad news” category.

In today’s post – they have asked for as many prayers as anyone can muster up for this other Father of Five.

I would be forever grateful for anyone that considers themselves a reader or friend of THIS Father of Five to please – take just a moment of your day – to send a prayer, a good thought, best wishes, positive karma, uplifting ju-ju or whatever you got to give – his way.

Let’s keep the “No Bad News” rolling for Lewis and his family.

Thank you.


  1. I don't know you - you don't know me - and that just doesn't seem to matter.

    As someone who has been Lewis' wife's friend for 20+ years - I just wanted you to know how unbelievably grateful I am for your request, your words, your interest, and your compassion for such a deserving family.

    Thank you just isn't enough - but it's all we've got - so thank you!

    JP Braley

  2. There are simply no words to fully express my gratitude to you for your caring and sharing Lewis's story with others. Although I know there are many people praying with us whom I've never met, their presence is a very real part of my life ... a presence that gives strength and sustains my hope. Thank you for bringing so many others in to this circle and know that you are all in my prayers each and every day.


  3. I am the other Father of Five's sister (the other one) and I just wanted to echo the thanks that Jennifer and Ayse have already sent. I have been so humbled by people's goodness since that terrible May 13th day. As Ayse said in her note, it is the kindnesses and the prayers that have helped to sustain us all. Thank you so very much for caring about Lewis. He is loved by so many and his smile, voice and laughter are missed by us all, most particularly his amazing wife and children. As this Father's Day approaches, I hope that you enjoy your time with your family. Life is so precious and our time together with our loved ones is what it's all about. You will forever remain in our hearts and prayers... Ayla


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