Front Patio – Step 4

I have come to the end of another set of days off, and head back to work tomorrow.  I had set myself a goal for these days off…  The fence.  I had wanted to get the fence completed, so we could move on to the next phase of the front patio project – but alas, it was not to be.  Mother Nature and Fate were both working against me.

Yet, despite their best attempts at HALTING my progress, I did get some noticeable work put into the project.

campview First off, I wanted needed to get work done on this fence to help me feel better.  You see, Best Bud Ed and former neighbor and good friend of his - “Good Neighbor Jim” were going on a camping trip.  They were headed up to the Hogback Lake Trail in the Superior National Forest. 

I too was invited and would have LOVED to have gone – but my fatherly duties, my failing front wheel bearing, and the incomplete (and untouched) fence project that was staring me in the face for the past three weeks were all making a camping trip impossible to fit into my schedule. 

Seeing as I was going to have to turn down the opportunity to do some camping with Best Bud Ed and Good Neighbor Jim – I told myself that the next best thing I could hope for (and believe me, it was a DISTANT next best thing) was to complete the fence project…  If I could not go camping, I could at least cross on project off my list…

As if adding salt to a wound, I was treated to frequent emails detailing me to their current location while enroute, and periodically, some photos of their trip would arrive.  The photo above is one that Best Bud Ed sent me in an email he titled…  “View From Camp”  As you can see, I missed a GEORGOUS trip. 

Enough of that… I’m getting depressed.

Weekend – Day 1

I was STOKED to get out and get working on the fence.  I was (secretly) hoping I could have it done by Sunday,  and have Monday and Tuesday to get some additional work accomplished (above and beyond the fence).  Instead, I got to watch the rain splatter upon my project from the view from the window – while we spent the day cleaning, sorting and organizing our bedroom. 

Weekend – Day 2

GEORGOUS day!  I got a lot accomplished.  The fence was looking AWESOME (See Front Patio – Step 3) – or, so I thought…

Weekend – Day 3

Started with a telephone call the night before.  That phone call resulted in the following facebook update.

What did you say? Your car is falling apart?? You want me to do what? Oh, yeah, I had nothing better planned this morning than to go out and look at the worn CV joint, broken ball joint (and what I suspect is a worn bearing)... Oh, and let me find you a mechanic while I'm at it.. Huh? You also need a loan to get it fixed?? -- Ahhh, kids... Ya gotta love 'em (snicker)

#1 of 5 had a vehicular fever a-brewin’ – and the only remedy was – Dad to the rescue…  Then, there was the whole discussion that occurred after The Mother of Five evaluated the work I had done during Day 2…   Another commentary in the form of a Facebook update.

Now that #1's car is being looked at, and he is back home to get some sleep (works overnights) and I am back home, it's time to get back out to the patio. Didn't I tell you? Michele wants the fence 3" lower. So now I have to take the whole thing apart, dig the holes another 3" deeper, and level the posts all over again... Gosh, what a "good husband" wont do to make his loving wife happy!?!?! (rolling my eyes)

Two and a half hours later, another Facebook update

About 1/2 the way done getting the posts all dropped, and leveled! Thankfully, things have been going rather smoothly - so I'll cross my fingers (for the rest of the posts), quit my whining, and head back out.

And finally, two hours after that update, one last fence update…

WOO~HOO!!! I have final approval from the boss!!!

All in all, I’d call it a “Halfway productive day”.  I got a good solid 4-5 hours of work in before the evening routine of Boy Scouts, Softball, and Picking #1 of 5 up to take him to work started.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted and had to head off to bed early, because…

Weekend – Day 4

…because Day 4 started at 5am – when the alarm clock woke me.  What's that you ask?  5am alarm clock on my day off?  Yes.  Yes, that is correct.  You see, I also had to run out and get #1 of 5 at the end of his work shift.  I had to pick him up at 6am – then (as a favor, because it was raining, and he walks to work) I drove one of #1 of 5’s managers home so he did not have to hoof it in the rain.

06-08-10_1413After getting both of them to their respective homes, I headed out to the Lumber yard for some last minute fence parts, then to the bank (for #1 of 5’s “loan” (and I use that term loosely)).  After sitting in the parking lot for 30 minutes while waiting for the back to open – I had money in hand, headed out to pay the mechanic for the work on #1 of 5’s car.

I arrived home (for a whopping 30 minutes) and headed back out to take #2 of 5 to his orthodontist appointment. 

(Good news!  Braces come off at the next visit!!)

After the Orthodontist appointment, #2 of 5 had a quick lunch in the car, and I headed out to bring him back to school.

After #2 of 5 made it to school – I had two hours to get something done.  It had stopped raining, so I got all my power tools out, set up, and started measuring – when the skies opened up (again) and dumped rain upon my parade.

I worked (as best I could) through the rain until the kids came home from school.  #2 of 5 had a “Summer Camp Checkup” scheduled – so as The Mother of Five arrived home, I headed out with #2 of 5 to the clinic.

While at the clinic, I called Best Bud Ed and caught up with his camping adventures. 

#2 of 5 came out of the office with a clean bill of health, and the Doctor’s A.O.K. for summer camp and CIT’ing, so it was time to get back home.

We arrived just in time for dinner (which I skipped to finish my last two rails, and to clean up my mess). 

Believe it or not, I got the fence in!!  It still needs to be plumbed and the posts cemented in, but you can stand back and actually SEE the fence.

Now, with all that done, I quick whipped out this post (sorry for the low quality post) and it’s off to get #1 of 5 for another ride to work.  I hope to be home by 10:30 pm – so I can go to bed, and get up at 5am for the much more relaxed pace of a 911 center!



The Life of a Father of Five.

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  1. David,
    Re: Front Patio Video

    I am impressed . . . at your handicraft/skill and that you know Michael J. Fox well enough that he would film the video for you!


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