Show Me Where YOU Blog!



Since “Best Bud Ed” was coming over to my house this morning, I cleaned up the “disaster area” that is USUALLY our computer desk.  When I was done, I stepped back, gazed upon my workspace – and began wondering about everyone else’s.

Call it creepy, or a tad bit voyeuristic – but I often wonder what type of setting the creative minds behind many of the blogs I enjoy work in or at.

So – I’ll start it off here.

Here is where the magic of “The Life of a Father of Five” happens. 

Where does the magic of YOUR blog happen?


For the record…  It does not “always” look this neat…  
And by “It does not ‘always’ look this neat”, I mean it RARELY looks this neat…


  1. Well, I am not going to post a picture but I use a laptop sitting on my lap in my living room. Not too creative but it works.

  2. How many pics should I do? I blog on my laptop too, and my phone, and the computer in my office and sometimes (shhhh) from a puter at work :)

  3. yeah, I blog wherever...the beauty of a laptop..

  4. I have a laptop and I post everywhere except when I'm on the toilet. Sometimes on my bed, in my husband's office, in the kitchen while cooking, or in the dining room to be near the kids. Garsh. I've even posted from McDonalds. Heck, I've posted while taking a bath!

  5. I'm serious. I've never posted on the toilet so don't worry about that one.

  6. Wow - mine is NOT that clean...

    Maybe I should clean it up to see what is looks like... there are bills EVERYWHERE! Paid, mind you, but not filed...

    Im such a bad organizer for someone who is a business event planner! LOL!

  7. David,
    I am very surprised at your "computer desk" photo. I thought we talked about using a "borrowed" copy of Photoshop several months ago . . . good job removing the paper dispenser roll, bathtub/shower and sink. No trace of anything branded "Polenex" in that photo!

  8. Finally got my response posted up.

  9. Here ya go buddy!

  10. I still haven't gotten around to doing this...


  11. Interesting post. Here's mine:


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