I Have a Theory

Often times elementary, junior high, and high schools have “theme days”…   A week where the kids all dress  in a different theme each day of the week.  Hawaiian day, Super Hero day, silly hat day, backwards day, or twins day.

Our little school is not immune to these fun little shenanigans.  In fact, because the kids wear uniforms, a day to dress “out of uniform” is likely to be more meaningful, and more anticipated than their public school counterparts.

“Catholic Schools Week” begins next week.  To be honest with you – I do not know the “theme” behind each of the days – with the exception of one particular day… 

Dress like a twin day.

Two (or more – as in triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets, or octuplets) all dress alike. 

Both #4 of 5 and #5 of 5 have been working with their friends (i.e. the parents have been working together) to find outfits that match.  Since this is next to impossible – the parents have been talking about going out and finding inexpensive matching shirts.

Over the past two days, both my daughters have come home with cute shirts that one of the parents has gone out and located matching shirts for the whole group (thankfully, in both cases, the shirts have been from the clearance racks – which is where we usually shop

As I looked at my daughters new shirts (bought for “Dress like a twin day”) I realized that in once instance a group of 4 shirts were bought, and in the other, a group of 3 shirts were bought.  Seven shirts – all on clearance – and that was just from two groups of girls…

How many other schools have “Dress like a twin day” – and of all the schools having a “Dress like a twin day” – how many groups of girls (lets be honest here… How many 8-15 year old boys want to “Dress like a twin”???) how many groups of girls are buying groups of the same shirt?

That’s when the conspiracist voice within me starts whispering (and I start listening)…

I am pretty sure that department stores lobby the schools to host “Theme Days” to rid themselves of closeout clothing stock that is not selling.

They know that parents of large groups of kids will be out shopping for a bunch of the same shirts (at the lowest cost possible) for “Dress like a twin day”.

Think about that for a minute… It does not just stop at “Dress like a twin day”…  What about silly hat day (to get rid of the worst hats that no one else would buy), “Mismatch Day”, “Crazy Clothing day”, and who can forget Hawaiian day (Hawaiian shirts… need I say more?)

If you do not hear from me in the next 48-72 hours, call the police… I may have been “quieted” by the Department store closeout rack lobbyists… They are a silent but POWERFUL force – not to be messed with – and I think I may have just crossed the line by “outing” their dirty little secret!


  1. Hmmm. I think you have something there. Why else would kids, who dress alike every day, want to dress like each other more?

  2. Don't go dragging Hawaiian shirts into this mess.

    Hawaiian Shirts are innocent and have done nothing to earn your disdain.

    Step away from the Hawaiian Shirt Day and leave these jewels of the closet to us real professionals.

  3. David,
    Speaking of "outing" and "dirty little secrets" why didn't you mention cross-dressing?
    Thank you.
    Not curious at all



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