I Finally Did It

Ever since I started "The Life of a Father of Five" (and even before), I have marveled at some of the AMAZING layouts of a few of the blogs I regularly visit.  A few of them even having their own "domain" name!
I started  "The Life of a Father of Five" on Blogger.  It is free, and full of the features that I wanted.  I knew nothing of HTML (and still know precious little), but because Blogger has such an easy to use format generator, and a built in post editor I did not need to know much HTML.  Blogger even allows you to choose a portion of your URL...  I say "a portion" because you will still have the "blogspot.com" on the end of the URL.
For a couple of years now, I have wanted to scoop up the domain www.father-of-five.com.  Despite finding a few other "father of five's" out there (in various other combinations) the one that matched MY blogspot.com URL was still available.
A little over a month ago, I finally did it.  I "bit the bullet" and scooped up www.father-of-five.com as my very own! 
The night I "purchased" it (more on that in a little bit) I was so excited - I started the conversion over at that very moment.  I do not know if it was because I was tired (I was still working overnights), excited (for actually getting the domain) or both - but the conversion was unsuccessful.  I followed the directions over, and just could not get it to work.  Since I owned the domain, I just pulled the plug on the project, and told myself I'd get to it in a little bit.
I pay approximately 0.85 (eighty five cents) per month for the domain...  So even if I could not get it running, I was not out too much to keep it my own.  Who knows what the future holds, eh?
Well, a couple of nights ago (just for the heck-of-it) I sat down and just started fiddling with the domain, and the blog again...  Immediately I noticed one tiny step I forgot and my excitement was rejuvenate!  - less than fifteen minutes later...
WWW.FATHER-OF-FIVE.COM came to life! 
Since the blog is still HOSTED at blogger.com, those of you who have book marked the old www.father-of-five.blogspot.com link can rest assured that your link will continue to work!  There is a "patch" in place that will send you from the blogspot.com domain to the "blogspotless" domain!  If you use an RSS feed in your readers to keep up, rest assured that your feed will continue to work!
I have also added RSS Feed buttons (one for posts and one for comments) in my sidebar for anyone who is interested.
Thanks friends and readers!  While I maintain FOF for my kids, it's you all that keep me coming back, and make maintaining FOF as much fun as it has been (and I hope continues to) be!


  1. You are such a big boy now! Congrats!!!

  2. Awesome! I would LOVE to do that someday. Would be so cooool. I'm glad you're still bloggin'!

  3. Hey Father of Five,

    I like your site!
    I posted a question for you on the Bloomington Web Cafe.

  4. Congrats my dot com friend.

  5. Am VERY jealous. I've wanted to do this myself, but couldn't find the right combination of simplicity and price. Looks like everything moved over exactly the same. Do tell how you did it and with what hosting service? (it was Go-Daddy with that hot chic wasn't it?)

  6. I'm very jealous. Have considered doing this myself, but couldn't find the right combination of simplicity and price. You must send me the details.

  7. Was there any danger of losing your old posts due to the conversion?

  8. Charlie... Blogger has a "export" or "backup" option... I did that ahead of time (just in case)... So - if there was any danger, it was minimal at best.

    I found it to be pretty easy (once I got past my own error).

    Blogger lets you do it right from the settings tabs... (and bypass the mistake I made... They say they do all the set up for you)

  9. Hello David,

    Nice blog. I enjoy reading regularly. In fact I subscribe to your RSS feed so I see your entries same day.

    Blogger is nice but this is knock-your-socks-off cool:


    Take a look at the video tour. I've used it a bit and it is really great for folks who aren't looking to be coding wizards but want a nice looking site.

    Anyway, it's not free but it's not much either.

    -Former Bloomington resident. You know me from the Web Cafe.


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