Heritage? Throwback? Dublin?

While walking through my local Target store the other day, something caught my eye… Something I had not seen before.  HERITAGE DR. PEPPER. 

Heritage Dr. Pepper is one of three sodas also known as “Throwback” sodas that Pepsi has released on a temporary basis.  Throwback Pepsi, Throwback Mountain Dew, and Throwback Dr. Pepper.

IMG_0285 The Heritage Dr. Pepper looked SIMILAR to something I had seen or read about MANY TIMES before…

(Like THIS EXAMPLE, and THIS ONE, and THIS ONE, and THIS ONE, and THIS ONE…  I think you get the idea!)

Had I actually stumbled across “The Good Stuff”, “The Nectar of the Gods”, “The Holy Grail of Soda Pop” (as I have heard it referred to over and over again)?? 

It was too close a coincidence to not even try it, so I shelled out the extra $$ this 12 pack cost me (compared to a “Regular” Dr. Pepper), and headed home with a mind whirling with the possibility!

“Heritage” Dr. Pepper is made with pure cane sugar (like Dublin Dr. Pepper) as opposed to the High Fructose Corn Syrup that most (if not all “common” soda is made with nowadays (and that includes the “regular” Dr. Pepper))

I could not wait!!  I rushed home and (while the soda was still warm) I cracked one open, and poured it into a glass of ice. 

Immediately, I did noticed a “slight” difference in taste.  I could not tell if it was stronger flavorings, a different recipe, or something else.  I drank half the can in a glass with ice, and took the other half of the can with me to go pick up #2 of 5 from basketball.

I subsequently forgot about the soda in the drink holder in my car.

The next morning as I got into my car to head to work, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Heritage Dr. Pepper still sitting in the drink holder (and still half full!) calling out to me with it’s sirens song. 

What is even better, is that when a soda is left in a car, in January, in Minnesota, the finder often discovers the beverage either a frozen popsicle, or chilled to the PERFECT temperature.

IMG_0287That morning, it was the latter.  Although no longer carbonated, the Dr. Pepper was chilled to PERFECTION!

(Little known FOF fact…  I do not mind soda that has lost it’s carbonation…  I even prefer it that way sometimes!  I often leave a soda opened in the fridge, sipping at it little by little over several days!)

Drinking the Dr. Pepper on the way to work, I experienced the same flavor as I did drinking it the evening before…  I could not tell if it was stronger flavorings, a different recipe, or something else.  Initially, I assumed the melting ice affected the taste, but in the case of the Minnesota Winter Chilled Dr. Pepper, it was not watered down liked the soda in the glass with ice.

I was looking forward to having another later that day (to try and narrow down the differences) but came home to find almost half the case gone… 

(Downside to having 5 kids…. “Can we have a soda” means half a 12 pack is wiped out!)

So, like any good father would do, I snatched up the remaining Dr. Pepper, and locked it in the trunk of my car.  (So the kids wont drink too much soda, thereby harming their teeth… Right??  That’s what a good dad would do… Huh?  Someone??? ANYONE???)

I have not partaken in another Heritage Dr. Pepper yet…  I am going to try and spread them out a bit…

In the mean time though, I started doing some internet searching, and discovered (to my dismay) that while the Heritage Dr. Pepper is different than the “run of the mill” Dr. Pepper (example, example, example) it is still not the same as “The Good Stuff”, “The Nectar of the Gods”, “The Holy Grail of Soda Pop”…  Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Tonight, the Vikings are in a playoffs.  The Mother of Five has a family football party planned (not something we do here very often…) – I plan another “Heritage Dr. Pepper” tonight during the game.

Watch for an update!


  1. As with anything that could be a danger to a child (or their teeth), you absolutely did the right thing. Otherwise, you might as well just give them a pixie stick to snuggle up with as they go to bed at night.
    I have yet to taste one of these original Dr. Peppers, but would sure like to.

  2. David,

    You have found it! I haven't even seen that packaging down here (believe me, I would have noticed)

    Oftentimes in my posts, The Good Stuff and Dublin DP are probably confused.

    The short version is that the stuff with pure cane sugar (real sugar) is The Good Stuff but sometimes called Dublin DP, even though it should usually be called Heritage DP.

  3. And for the record I am picking up 2 cases of the good stuff on Monday morning!

  4. I infuse Dr Pepper into my veins every morning. San Antonio has DP all over the place. Have not seen the Heritage yet.

    If I see it. I will get it. And drink it.

    And down here. Dr Pepper is not so much a Pepsi product but more associated with Coke.

  5. I bought myself some Throwback Pepsi. I am not a big Soda drinker, it's too sweet for me, but lived on it as a kid.
    It was wonderfully enjoyable and much better than what I can typically buy in the stores. I think I stopped drinking soda, unrealizing, when they replaced the sugar with corn syrup.

  6. Have you ever tried Dublin Dr. Pepper? Every other anniversary my wife and I go down to Dublin, TX and pick up.......well, a lot of cases of the stuff. It is made with pure cane sugar. IT IS SO GOOD!

  7. I eagerly await your next blog describing in detail the clean up efforts of the exploded pop cans in your trunk that you forgot to take out before the sub-zero weather hits this week.

    Nothing like real sugar, though. It tastes soooo much better!!!

  8. I looooove Diet Dr. Pepper! It's the only diet I can drink and it not really taste diet. I'm drooling now. So want a diet Dr. Pepper. ARgh. Well, it's midnight and I'm not going to the store.

  9. David,
    Driving directions to Dublin, TX
    1,060 mi – about 17 hours 5 mins


  10. Careful there Co-worker... I just may make that trip one of these days - and leave you with all those extra hours!


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