Geography Bee

A couple of weeks ago, #2 of 5 came home with a note from his teacher… 

Being the pessimist that I am, I immediately started thinking of the many ways I am going to have to punish him at home for whatever it was that this note was going to inform me about. 

But… NO, I was pleasantly surprised!

#2 of 5 was one of nine finalists (from a school of 500+ students (grades 5-8)) to have been selected to this year’s Geography Bee!! 

The students took Geography tests, and the top 2 students in grades 5, 6, and 7 along with the top three students (I think there was a tie) from grade 8 all moved on to the Geography Bee.

The sheet also asked each student to answer two “opinion” questions on Geography (as sort of a “bio” for the evening’s program…)

#2 of 5’s questions (and answers) were…

If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to: 
Rome.  Because they have many examples of great history there.

I believe that studying geography is important because:
We should know about other places and where they are located.


The Geography Bee was held tonight 
(Sorry the pictures turned out so blurry. It was a "low light" environment)

IMGA0019We were there (of course) along with my parents, and my in-laws – to support #2 of 5’s run for the championship.

The questions were tough…  I think I “may have” gotten about half of them (or less) myself.  #2 of 5’s interest and knowledge base of all things History / Geography surprise me from time to time.  I guess all that time letting the History Channel “entertain” him is starting to pay off, huh?

Well, #2 of 5 did not make it as Champion.  He did make it to the “second to the last” round, and he was the last eighth-grader standing as the Bee progressed!



I am still proud of his accomplishment…  Even though he did not make “champion” – he did finish in the top six students in the whole Junior High, and for that – I just aint gonna complain one iota! 

WAY TO GO #2 of 5!!


  1. Congrats to #2! We had our Geography Bee last week as well, and I recently wrote about it on my blog.

    I'm proud of my son too, but I think he could've done better. It's hard to balance both the praise and the criticism.

  2. Congrats! That is wonderful and you definitely have bragging rights.

  3. Way to go #2 of 5. Now can you use that vast geographical knowledge and help me find my car keys?

  4. Very nice. I wish they had geography bee's when I was a kid.

  5. Congrats #2. At least you'll always know where you're at.

  6. Woo hoo! Congrat's to #2 of 5 . . . that is awesome. Top 6 in the entire junior high? Totally awesome :-)

  7. Way to go #2!!! On a different note I have been looking back at some of your old posts and re-read the cribbage board one. I may just contact your friend to have one build for myself!! They are awesome!

  8. Yay for #2 of 5 - I think that's a fantastic accomplishment, especially considering most kids don't seem to give two hoots about geography and/or history these days. Come to think of it, a lot of adults are sadly in that same category.

    You are quite right to be proud of him not only for getting into the Geography Bee to begin with but for being the last 8th grader standing and one of the top six out of 500. That's no mean feat at all!


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