FOF Observation #16

Let’s start off the new year with one of my favorite aspects of “The Life of a Father of Five”… 

An “Observation”!!

The "FOF Observations" are a series of "Perpetual Posts" where I will share with you, my readers, short little "one line" observations that I have made (or will be making) on being the father of a large family. You will be able to access each of the posts in a cohesive list by clicking on the "FOF Observations" link in the "Perpetual Posts" group on the sidebar.




One benefit of winters in




Nearly UNLIMITED freezer space, and the best part??? 




  1. My Grandma Hauer used to do this on Christmas Day. All the pop and beer were kept cold outside, so she could have her seven course meal in the fridge, and pie in the freezer! Too funny!

  2. I'm from a tropical country and have never been to the US. My only way to relate with your winter is the freezer in our fridge. Your post confirms it :)

    But can relate with you in another way too: being busy at the expense of quality time with kids. How we wish it can be otherwise.

  3. That's good stuff. Here in Texas.. We put pizzas outside when we want to cook them..

  4. I think we have that same model of freezer.

  5. This makes me giggle because we were in Mankato from 12/27 to 1/5 and I was envious that my Mom could leave all the Christmas goodies on the counter in the garage rather find space for them in the fridge or freezer :-)


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