0ed762ca934a3011c53474816761bbbcA little of a month ago, I brought up something new I had stumbled upon while surfing the world wide web.  It is called Postcrossing

For more info on Postcrossing, and how I found out about it, see my PREVIOUS POST. 

As of today, I have been involved in a total of five “Postcrossings”
(Five from various categories – sent, received, or “in transit”)

I have sent three postcards (Two have arrived and been registered, while one is still in transit)and have received two.

I have sent postcards to the following locations (links to the postcard’s page)  Finland, Ukraine, and Belarus.

When I first signed up for Postcrossing, I went out and bought a dozen “Minnesota” post cards.  They are not exactly what I wanted to send out, but they represented a little something about where the postcard’s journey began.


I have also received two post cards (and will receive a third, once my “in transit” card arrives and is registered).  Both cards I have received are from Germany (and not too far apart either!)

Neuss and Cologne Germany.


Here is a copy of my Postcrossing account map.  The pink lines represent SENT postcards (that have arrived and have been registered on the site) while the blue line(s) represent cards I have RECEIVED.  (It only looks like one line because the two cards I received were from separate sources so close it LOOKS like I have only been sent one card).


So far, the kids have been LOVING this!!  They love the idea of postcards coming from all over the world, and #4 of 5 is studying Germany in school right now – so she brought my postcards in and explained Postcrossing to the class!!

If you are interested in finding out more, please click through to the website – or check out my Postcrossing profile HERE


  1. Wish I could travel like that.. for almost free, almost anywhere, some random place.

  2. OK, I have to admit, I am getting interested now. Didn't really see the point, but I know my kids would LOVE this, too!

  3. A work contact of mine reads the blog - saw the postcrossing stuff and signed up.

    After talking about it at her workplace, two of her co-workers heard her talk about it and they have signed up.

    Free account. Just request one or two addresses and send em out... Then watch the mailbox!

    If you are not intrested in doing it anymore - you just never request another address. Otherwise you can keep asking for more.

    I have been sending one every couple of weeks or so..

  4. I am a working mom in a high stress job and Postcrossings just helps to ease the stress a bit. I love coming home after a rough day and getting a postcard from somewhere else in the world. My kids also love Postcrossings and are fascinated by all the different postcards we receive.


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