Christmas Mass – Children’s Mass

In our Parish on Christmas Eve the evening mass is (traditionally) known as the “Children’s Mass”. 

Is it because Christmas is about the celebration of Christ’s  being born (as a child)??  Is it because a lot of the focus of Christmas is about children??  Is it because on Christmas Eve the kids are so antsy and squirrely that they need anything they can to help distract them from the impending arrival of Santa??  Is it all of the above??

During Children’s Mass – the children of the Parish are asked to participate in the Mass (procession, readings, gifts, etc).  One of the highlights of the mass is the “Living Nativity”.  Usually comprised of the littlest of the children (who can not read or participate in any other way), the “Living Nativity” consists of shepherds, angels,  the Three Wise Men, a Joseph, and a Mary. 

This year, #4 of 4 was asked to do a reading, and #5 of 5 was asked to play the part of Mary!

The “Living Nativity” lasts from the Procession to and through a blessing of the large Crèche upon the alter. (A few short minutes).

In reality, the only time 90% of the parish can actually see the “Living Nativity” is during the procession (the first two photos below).  In what is most likely “bad forum”, I snuck up the side isle of church, and crammed my large frame into a tiny crevice where I was able to sneak the remainder of the photos you see below.

The Mother of Five and the remaining children not involved in the mass were unable to see the “Living Nativity” from their seats.  The photos were the only way we could enjoy the scene.  There was one other parent up there with me - I presume by the angle of the photos she was taking – she was “Joseph’s” mother.  (I hope I was not too much of a distraction for Fr. Yanta!)

As always, our Parish Priest, Fr. Timothy Yanta, did a OUTSTANDING job dealing with all the kids while providing  inspirational leadership to his parish!  We are a blessed parish (and school) to have Fr. Yanta as our Priest and spiritual leader!  I can not say enough about what a WONDERFUL job he does!! 
(Thank you Fr. Yanta – if you are reading this!!  Thank you for ALL you do for us!





(Left to Right)

#4 of 5 carrying a candle during the procession.

#5 of 5 as Mary, with Joseph, and our Parish Priest Fr. Timothy Yanta

#5 of 5 as Mary, with Joseph, and our Parish Priest Fr. Timothy Yanta





(Left to right)

Fr. Yanta directing “Mary” (#5 of 5) and “Joseph” towards the Crèche.

“Mary” (#5 of 5) and Joseph placing the figurine of the Baby Jesus in the Crèche.







(Left to right)

“Mary” (#5 of 5) and Joseph placing the figurine of the Baby Jesus in the Crèche.

Fr. Timothy Yanta initiating the beginning of the Christmas Eve Mass with a blessing over the Crèche.

 (…and no, I am not marketing any sort of “Father of Five” branded shepherd hooks – my watermark just seemed to fit well in that spot…)







(Left to right)

A photo of a portion of the cast of the “Living Nativity” as seen from our seats (in the back end of the Sanctuary).  Sorry about the poor photo quality

#5 of 5 back at our seats, (and before changing out of her costume) upon completion of her duties as "Mary”


  1. Great photos and even better memories!

  2. That is the sweetest little Mary I've seen in a long time.


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