A New Hobby

1bNo, not for me... 

#1 of 5 had some previous experience with archery - not much, but enough to "wet his whistle". 

A few weeks ago, he came to me and started asking questions about archery and bow hunting.

Having never bow hunted (or even shot a bow before) I told him to find a few books, web sites, and magazines about the subject. 

While he did some checking, I did some checking on my own. (wink)

Thanks to Craigslist, I located an inexpensive starter compound bow that he could EASLILY afford.  It really was a pretty good deal! 

He has been out to the archery range a couple of times now, and (I have to admit) he is doing pretty good for having just started out.

What is nice is that many cities have Archery Ranges, and they are a NO COST activity! 

I am finding myself  "slightly" interested.  But since he is right handed and I am wrong handed er... Left Handed (ahem.... AtHomeDaddy, you catch that one?)  I will have to wait before I can give archery a try.  

Maybe I need to start watching craigslist for a "too good to be true" deal of my own! 





  1. My son loves to use his bow he has the old timer kind which is good for our yard but kids love it as I can see by the photos ha ha ha

  2. The Boss' BIL is a big bow hunter. And he is a lefty, too. He pulled out a CORRECT handed bow for me the other day and I could barely draw the thing.

    Then the 15 year old niece was SLAYING targets with that same bow 5 minutes later.

    Lefty, meet Wussy.

  3. I have always wanted to do that since I had a tiny taste as a teen. I'm going to have to check that out, and since I have 5 lefties, I guess we'll have to accomodate them. Or, rather, they'll accomodate us.


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