Headin' Out

Tomorrow is Minnesota's 2008 Deer Hunting Opener
Last year (as you may or may not remember) - I bowed out of deer hunting, with both my father-in-law / brother-in-law, and with best bud Ed. 
Life was too crazy.  My head was spinning, and I was going "koo-koo-bananas" just trying to keep track of everything going on.  My planned weekend for deer hunting was my only set of days without significant family obligations both prior to, and for several weeks after. 
As I drove home from work on the afternoon I was supposed to leave, I made the decision... 
I pulled the plug on ALL of it. 
I wanted a weekend home, with my family.  Going deer hunting would have not been enjoyable.  I called everyone up from my planned trip(s), and canceled.  
I still have no regrets over that decision.
This year, while still "busy", life is not as hair-pulling-busy as it was last year.  I am looking forward to a couple of quick deer hunting trips this fall.
Trip #1 will be a "one day hunt".  My F.I.L, B.I.L, and I are going to my Uncle's place and spending the whole day in the woods.  This should prove to be a pretty good time. 
Opening day is my LEAST favorite day to hunt.  My concern is the concentration of hunters in the field that first weekend.  So, I am not too optimistic.
I am leaving at 0300 hours Saturday morning, riding up, hunting the day-a-way, then  returning some time after sun-down.
Maybe I'll have a story to share.
P.S.  Duck hunting 2008 is close to being finished...

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