Christmas Shopping (early)

Christmas Shopping today...  (blech)

Our family schedule is (as you may imagine) busy.  It's hard enough to get the day-t0-day stuff done, but when you add in some of the extra-curricular family stuff (like Christmas Shopping), it is easier to get an act passed into law through Congress (a bi-partisan congress at that!) than to fit everything in.

Today, we both have some time off, and the Mémère-to-seven (my mom) is able to spend the day with the kiddos. 

Since the moon, stars, and planets have aligned (meaning we found a time that works for EVERYONE) The Mother-of-five and I are going to head out to get some (early) Christmas shopping done.

What I will do is share a couple of photos from my first (and unproductive) deer hunting trip this year.  Not much to say except COLD, windy, and quiet... 

I did not even see a squirrel or two for some Gray Squirrel Cobbler...

blzorange   gunagainsttree


See you on the other side of emptying my bank account...

P.S.  The "Blech" mentioned above is not just for Christmas shopping...  It's for SHOPPING IN GENERAL!!  Blech!  If it was for Christmas Shopping, I would have said "Humbug"...


  1. Ya, I agree with you on shopping.

  2. I hope you at least enjoyed the quiet of your trip.

  3. Hmmm, "...cold, windy and quiet."

    In other words, "perfect!" compared to shopping.

    I used to really enjoy shopping, but I think that was before buying something for myself didn't come with the guilt that it does now. Other than the Wii I bought for the boys almost four months ago, I haven't purchased the first Christmas gift yet. I'm way behind my usual schedule!

  4. I LOVE SHOPPING! I just went and started Christmas Shopping the other day I Loved it! Better now than later when it gets crazy but my advise to you and anyone else shop on Tuesday evening it is less crowded this is coming from someone who thought she would be in retail for life. Oh yeah had to change blog sites so check me out at
    See ya sometime!

  5. Hooray for Fatherof5 and Motherof5working together as a team.

  6. Dave, You forgot your backpack. It's leaning against a tree.


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